Purple Haze

the LOOK: men's deconstructed tee, boyfriend cardi, pinstripe pants, wedge booties, a beanie, a cape, and a designer bag.

"Now, Kiss the Skyyy." So it is safe to say I'm backkkkk! After almost a 2 week on hiatus, I'm back to share my adventures in clothing, beauty, food- which I will be transforming from heavy rich foods to healthier cleaner eating, and simply: my life. 

The holidays have been insane, I was a little late on all my festive posts this year.  But this was my first holiday season as a blogger.  This March marks a year that I have been consistently blogging --Whoaaaa.  I love it, I have loved meeting so many interesting and influential creative souls and It has been a great year. I will be following up this post with my New Year's outfit and post my craft tutorial posts from the holidays

This year my plans fell into place last minute, I love when awesome like that happens. I'm going out in the city all night tonight and can't wait. I'm meeting up with friends doing a little pre-game partying, then off for a late dinner reservation, then to a cool bar to watch the ball drop -where we will try our hardest to avoid Times Square and then wherever the night shall take us.  I can't believe tonight is the last night of 2013! My anticipation is building to get glitzed and glammed for NYE festivities and bring in the New Year in a fabulous manner. 

Now off to prepare for this evening! While running around during the day looking for some last minute sparkle to wear, I would wear something like this. I love layering a fun comfy sweater and hat with chic and casual pieces for the perfect day look with style.  

X-MAS '13

A Very Merry Christmas!
From New York.

This christmas season was insane for me.  In all honesty, I wanted these posts up a week or so prior. You could say life got a little away from me.  But better late than never I suppose.  Or at least that always seems to be my motto. I have a tendency to take on too many projects, what can I say I have a big imagination and even bigger ambitions. So I figured I'd give you a look into my homemade garland, my christmas tree decor and a preview of some of my homemade presents with full DIY present tutorials to follow soon. 

Every christmas I spend my christmas eve with my boyfriend's family and then we head up to Pennsylvania where my family has all moved to spend christmas day with my side.  So on top of this trip I had also decided to craft ALL of my presents.  It seemed like a great idea initially, but reality showed me that I was in over my head.  I barely got everything done in the nic of time. So apologies for my lack of blogging these last few weeks, but I have lots of posts to share with you all in the coming weeks!  But needless to say I got it done and had a lovely christmas!  Hope you all enjoyed your holiday and are ready for an exciting New Years!  

Library Geek - Casual Chic

 Fab New Firmoo Glasses!
new glasses, the smell of old books, and cozy winter layers. 

Oh, baby its cold outside. This look is what we call layer multiple layers of warm clothing and make it look chic versus a look ala bag lady. I mixed together a bunch of neutrals in layers and called it a wrap on such a blustery day.  

I thought my casual day look went together well with my fab new Firmoo glasses. For those who don't know how awesome a company this is, let me tell you, Firmoo is an international company that offers highly fashionable frames at a fraction of the cost of big designer styles. I'm in love with my first pair. Read all about them here.

Not only is there a vast variety arranged by shape and material, but they offer the first pair for FREE! Every new customer is entitled to one pair of frames.  They even cover single vision lens and they throw in the case, cleaning cloth and other accessories all for free! I highly recommend the over-sized style I chose which is #F022 and you can see here.  Read more about getting your free Firmoo glasses that can be prescription or simply just for fun frames, check the Free offer right here.

So to get FREE glasses or sunglasses go to the following link and check-out using the promo code:

This offer is valid to all countries they deliver to such as the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, but to see the full list click here. The site offers 360 degree views of the frames so you can get a realistic feel of the item you are buying.  Firmoo has a Virtual Try-On System so you can see your frames on a face similar to your own, or perhaps upload a photo and try them on yourself.  98% of customers easily found their perfect match glasses with the Virtual Try-On session.        

Blue SOULED suede shoes

Menswear Chic
A Casual look in menswear styled shoes.

Still in a bit of whirlwind. I feel like I always have a billion things to do in the same week. All or nothing, baby. I just got back from a childhood friend's baby shower in FLORIDA! Yes, I was in the only place that had 80 degree weather this week, don't hate me too much.  It was glorious.  I'll post soon about the baby Wyatt "Mustache Bash" extravaganza.  Then back to cold New York. 

Although I don't mind the cold too much, I'm getting ready for the winter holidays and some beautiful snow. I've been getting together all my goodies for christmas crafts (which I will post), just got some of my decorations out, finishing finals, and then my dad calls me to tell me that the weekend he wants to visit and come stay at my house is this week.  I love all of these things in all different ways, but maybe not all within the same 4 day span.     

Does anyone else feel like the holidays have really snuck up on us? I can not believe there is only 2 weeks till christmas.

Perfect Holiday Crowd Pleasers

Dishes of Deliciousness- 
from my Budweiser Project 12 Friends-giving.

Nothing like good food, good company, a fire and a couple of cozy drinks to take off the winter chill! I love really homestyle staples mixed with a little ingenuity and some good cheese, this is where the magic in making great dishes comes. 

I made four great appetizers or small plate courses for my past friends-giving and I thought I'd share the recipes in honor of the holiday season being upon us.  

North Forkin' Adventures

Galavanting in the fall with my love.
Remember to love each day.

I realze more than ever that the people closet to you, whom you love the most, still need to be reminded of that every so often. You know, I'll admit it.  My boyfriend and I got into a tiff the other night. Sometimes he feels I don't show him enough attention because I'm always occupied with school, work, this blog or one of my billion little projects. I'll have to admit I'm always going a mile minute with a million tasks each week.  I guess I always felt that he is in his career and that he understood that I am doing everything in my power to better myself and get into my dream career field.  He does, but I guess he deserves more of my time. Being the love of my life and all, not like that's a big deal or anything. Seriously though, it's all about compromise. 

My Friendsgiving "Project 12" Beer Pairing

Tasting Budweiser's Project 12 Unreleased Limited Batch.
Pairing with delicious dishes and picking a favorite!

This past weekend, I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Millennial Central for Budweiser. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating. Check the out all the brewing action here on Budweiser's Tumblr. I seized this fabulous opportunity to host a casual little friends-giving for a few of my closest and to just indulge a little. 

Like This & Like That & Like This & UH

1 Peplum Top. Worn 3 Ways-

I'm always looking for a great versatile item that I can get a lot of wear in.  I hate those spur of the moment purchases that seem like such a fab find at the moment and then you wear it once and it hangs in your closet, cast to the shadows and neglected for another decade. So therefore try to choose items that you can make versatile I follow this rule of thumb, "if you can not think of at least 2 occasions or ways you can wear the item in question- put it down". Awesome wardrobe pieces deserve to be worn and go out and help you live a fabulous life, make sure to pick ones that fit yours.

My First 5 Things Post

5 Things: to be Thankful For.
The things that make life worth living.

I've wanted to start doing a monthly '5 things' post where I sum up my months or whatever I'm thinking of. So in staying festive with starting this up in the end of November, I decided it would only be appropriate for me to post it Thanksgiving style and sum up the five things I am most thankful for. 

Life is beautiful and I am lucky enough to be thankful for many things.  But besides the wonderful experiences I have had and all the things I have, I am most thankful for this:  

90's Grunge goes Chic

Punk & Grunge LIVESSSS.

The style isn't just for punk-rockers, that guy you once dated who had a garage band or burn-outs anymore. I've always been a  hard-core 90's grunge girl at heart and no one was happier to see punk and alternative influences in fashion this year.
Although, as fashion often goes, we were introduced to a reinvention with some new alterations of a beloved style.  The combination and balance of punky patterns with elegant lines, or perhaps edgy accessories and details to a chic style.  I love it.  I've always love the look and I all about reminiscing one of my favorite music period, besides the 70's of course.

The Saddest Thing in Life is Wasted Talent

The saddest thing in life is wasted talent, 
and the choices that you make will shape your life forever.
(-a Bronx Tale)

Maybe I'm getting old, but I feel like movies, television and music just are not the same anymore.  I remember being a kid and I felt like I learned major life lessons by some of these inspirational characters, songs and memorable monologues.  I miss the 80's and 90's movies that offered us humor and ridiculous action with thoughtful messages.

Be fair to your hair & Go Sulfate Free

Give your Locks a Chance!

Every woman, maybe even man wants that moment.  That slow-motion moment where you move your head and it naturally flips and cascades down with shimmer and bounce.  That is what we call a 90's herbal essence commercial, a 80's/90's teen movie where dream girl enters the scene or having ridiculously healthy hair. Obviously everyone's hair is totally different, but there are simple ways we can improve the way we treat our hair which is the way it will treat us.  

My Bestie's Birthday

Another year older, Another year brought in together. 
Birthday Date Night with my Favorite Lady.

When you have a friendship as close as we do it is a straight-up relationship.  I'm the luckiest girl, I have a boyfriend and a girlfriend!  You laugh together, love together, depend on each other, fight each other and suffice tests of your bond. This is the person I make gourmet english muffin pizza with at 2AM, make up a song for anything that strikes our fancy, have late night philosophical debates, run up the driveway and into the house at turbo mode because we are preparing for the zombie apocalypse and most of all it is someone to have in your life. 

Appetizers as Good as the Main Course

Rich food is one of my weaknesses.
Or possibly one of my positive attributes.

Eat good, live good.  Its simple.  Although how one defines good is up to the individual.  I think moderation is key.  I try to make healthy decisions, although that doesn't mean I always eat grilled chicken, brown rice and broccoli.  It means I balance my eating, I try to vary my starchy carbs, but more than often, I give in to them and all their carby goodness.  One thing I can never say no to is cheese! I'll take cheese on top of cheese please!  I'm such a fat kid at heart, I can't deny all that is delicious.

So in honor of the fact that I plan to go a little lighter on the starchy carbs from now on starting this week, with the exception of holidays- of course!  Let's go big or go home! And then brace yourself, healthier meals are coming. I know, shocker for me.

This post is mainly about the Figs, what can I say I like big figs and I can not lie. Although, I will let you know how to make my famous bacon creme sauce.

You'll never grow old, Because you're forever young

And you know that you got my tomorrow baby...
Today and yesterday
Believe that you've got my tomorrow baby
I'll hold you close as far as I can see! 
(-Citizen Cope)

Marmalade S k i e s & Carousels D r e a m s

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
A Warm Fall Wedding.

Okay, so I did it.  I finally took part in being one of those couples who is super matchy-matchy at a wedding reception and wasn't in the bridal party.  And I must say it was pretty fabulous.  I used to always be all about a touch of coordination to make the looks match (like here), but I figured we'd just go all out!

Aaron's good friend Garrett married his best friend Becky in mid-October.  It was an amazing wedding, completely unique and truly memorable.  Hand-crafted decor, a Metallica first dance, the most amazing cupcakes ever, Long Ireland Beer, a s'mores bar and a flippin' carousel! Such a fun theme!  

Children in the Corn

Frolic with some friends in the fall.
It should be mandatory.
Here we are, the last few weeks of warm fall days before the winter chill officially sets in, get outside and live a little.  

I grew up on the North Fork of Long Island and the quaintness of the rural scenic area always felt comforting to the soul. Vast fields and farms as well as beaches and cute towns.  Things have been hectic lately and I feel like I'm in the midst of some monumental changes. 

In light of daily life with a touch of stress and a little fear of the next big steps, it is important to do something just for you because simply you and only you want to.  So always remember:

Autumn and Apple Orchids

Apple Pie Season is Upon Us. 
Bring on the fall baked goodies!

It's enjoyment in the little things that helps to make every day life worth it.  A simple afternoon of apple picking in good company in preparation of creating a homemade creation is a just a small piece of what makes us tick. These are the things to remember.  These are moments to savor.  I love the fall and all the little simple pleasures it brings.  

Bubbly and Fun

Matching Busy Patterns
& Transitioning Seasons.

I could seriously wear sandals into November and I do.  Every by the book fashion-snob would scream its a big no, no.  But I do what I want and on warmer days I still wear open-toed shoes with the respective layers. Layering is key in transitioning between seasons and dressing for cooler weather in general.  Simpler layering is the best way to keep your casual looks stylish but still laid back.  

Velvet Underground

Dia de Los Muertos and Halloween '13:
Punk Rock, Sugar Skulls, Best Friends & a Punk Innovator. 

I don't care if people think I'm too old to dress up for halloween. I believe that you don't ever have to get old. Well, physically- yes, the inevitable peril of aging physically is simply fated.  But old can be merely a frame of mind. I've met 24 year olds who are 47 and I've met 62 year olds who are 26. These are just numbers and you're never too old to play dress-up.

Although, in past years for halloween I almost always knew what I was going to dress as at least a month in advance- however this year I was so caught up in life that the child within forgot to think of a halloween costume!  So a few days before halloween I began trying to contemplate a fun costume different than any other of my costumes, but was drawing a blank.  

P u m p k i n s, punkin!

Fall for fall
In love with simple, easy looks this year.

I'm always a huge advocate for any look that is casual and comfortable, yet still fun and stylish - just a jeans and t-shirt with a twist kind of girl. It's important to add your own flair to your own signature style. A fun pattern, piece or accessory is always an easy way to pull together any basic outfit.  This is the kind of look I will literally throw on quickly as I head out the door.  This particular day I was just getting back from a long weekend away and decided to to partake on some sunday fall festivities. I met up with my two best friends and went on the hunt for the perfect pumpkins.  Which is apparently cut-throat, you got to watch your cart- people will try to snatch up your pumpkins! We ended up with almost 30 pound pumpkins!  Quite the score.  After pumpkin escapades we had worked up and appetite and decided to go to the Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck, NY.  Love this place, being a North Fork girl myself I always enjoy the quaintness of this kind of main street area.  It's almost like a time warp to a classier more retro era.  Any, they have the most delicious goodies!  It looks like an old school diner with a country twist but they serve good beer, fabulous cocktails, and perfectly plated dishes (see goodies below).Then lastly we went back to my house to enjoy pumpkin beer, watch Hocus Pocus, and of course carve our pumpkins!  I made my first attempt at carving a portrait and decided to try getting the likeness of Marilyn Monroe on my pumpkin and I think it came out ok for a first try.  What do you guys think? 

Razzleberry B l u e

Ombre, Ombre!
The good kind of feeling blue.

I've always wanted to try the ombre or gradient styled nail design, but was never sure the best way to execute. I tried a few different methods and I'm here to tell you which ones worked the best. 

So, you will need: 3 nail polish colors that match in tone // a clear coat and a base // a toothpick // a piece of tin foil // a triangular foundation makeup sponge 

One L o v e l y Day

Fall in the Hamptons
beaches for the locals. 

The fall is great, I love the crisp air, the pumpkin beer, the fall festivities, and lets not forget being able to have a whole beach to yourself! Although, there is always a catch-22! I don't love how I always manage to get sick this time of year, it never fails, practically the same time in october every year!  Ugh, it's been awful.  I haven't blogged much at all lately on top of it all, but I have a lot to play catch up on from the past month and a half.  I've been really distracted the last few months, my schedule hasn't really allowed a lot of leeway and my mind has been rather jam packed these days as well.  I'm trying to get organized here and in every aspect of my life.   

So here is something from a few weeks back.  My friend Erin and I took Spike to the beach and she snapped a few quick photos for me.  My hair was being wild and they didn't come out that great, but I really loved the teal skirt with the striped shirt and leopard sandals.  So I figured I'd share. I adore stripes with a pop of color, but I feel the leopard was a fun touch.   

Love on the B e a c h

She's got her hair permed,
She got that red dress on!

Everybody loves being at wedding.  Its a carousel in the celebration of finding true love.  Whats not to love when you're celebrating with a bunch of friends, all dressed to the nines- looking super fly, and you are within close proximity to an open bar and moving trays of delicious treats?  There is absolutely nothing not to loveee!

My friend Dawn and her now husband, Billy had an early September wedding and it was simply lovely.  It was at a beach club and the universe was on their side on this day as they had the most perfect weather and breathtaking sunset. Dawn was stunning and her wedding was almost as beautiful as she is.  

She requested the attire be beachy chic-casual. I didn't have a particular dress or color in mind so I just let the search begin.  My friend Erin and I began the hunt at Saks 5th Avenue near where we live, then we ventured out to a larger mall where we tried every department store and dress shop: no dice.  So I began internet shopping, which can be dangerous ( a. the possibilities are endless b. your bank account isn't and of course c. things don't always arrive as they appear).  

Take a walk on the wild side

Party Animals Part II
We walk on the wild side.

Another adventure of bass, vibes, and fun packed into a 12 hour day of frolic.  My life my rules.  I try to go balls to wall with everything. Despite a busy schedule or really expensive tickets, I find a way to make it happen.  Just live, you know?  So I've been so busy.. living-  that this post is terribly late.  That, I apologize for.  Not the living part. ;)  This was a month ago, but I still figured I'd share some of the fun and what I wore, of course!

I See Skies of Blue

Showing some Leg,
For the last few warm days.

Today is the last day of September and the coming week or so will be brining much chillier temperatures into New York.  I always get so stuck in the middle of the transitioning of the seasons, I really dread saying goodbye to my open toed shoes.  This will probably be my last post wearing shorts, but I felt it was necessary one. 

Bachelorette Shenanigans!

Like we need a reason to party,
But hey, lets do it all for Love!

Okay, so I am a girl and I can't help getting excited over smiling babies, cute animals, and being invited to a wedding.  One of my close friends- Dawn,  got married recently and I was so happy to be a part of all her festivities.  I rarely need an excuse to go out and have a good time, but this was to commemorate the loss of one chapter and the opening of another. There was much to drink and celebrate to. We had her bachelorette party a few weeks prior; in Atlantic City the east coast city of sin. We spent a quick two days and one night at the brand new and absolutely beautiful Revel Resort & Casino.  

As usual I can't afford my lifestyle and with this event, my anniversary, and a festival all back to back in one week there was no bachelorette party dress buying money or no dress buying happening for any of those previously listed events either.  Just had to pull from the closet.  I decided to keep it classic with a black dress, but do it a bit more vamped up for AC.  I pulled a black Andrew Marc dress that I had bought at Saks Fifth, that I like to call business meets dominatrix. I also pulled a sweet blue dress for my friend Erin, a dress I had convinced her to buy that same day because I had a vision of an amazing shoe at home that wanted to be friends with that dress. They became great friends and she got to wear them  together a year later all over again. Real Friends don't let friends spend unnecessary money.     

Keep Calm & Put the Boots Down, its still warm.

Olive green, a Fedora, Kurt Cobain & my Prada Sunglasses.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Yeah, I said it: "keep calm and put the boots back," and no that was not in disregard or disrespect to the almighty greatness of beautiful boots everywhere. Just slow your roll, darlings.  I'm sorry, but HELLO, summer just ended- like four days ago.  It is beautiful and the sunsets are perfection.  The sky always has the best colors this time of year. 

I will admit, I rarely follow all the old time fashion decrements on when to stop wearing sandals or white for that matter.  I personally love a nice winter white.  I even like winter white pants with brown boots- yeah I said it, white way after labor day. What a rebel.

We love with a love that is more than love.

The big love.
The star to every wandering bark.
Celebrating at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

The older we get the more our perceptions of time continues to change. The way it makes life fly by or drag by.  So how does it react to the perception on time in a relationship? It's like that feeling you have with a long wonderful vacation or escapade.  When all the days and nights seemed to have breezed together like one endless adventure that has no separation of days, while it leaves you feeling at your best and rather invigorated by life. Like the time has become irrelevant and space and time has actually stopped. When you wake up one day and it's four years later, perhaps even at 10 or 50 years later- it should all feel the same.  This is what you should feel when you wake up next to the same person years later.  Just seems that all good things never go as slow as we wish. Summers, vacations, really delicious pie, and the years all seem to end too quickly.  Where does the time go? A warm August evening that started it all and ignited the a flame.  It feels as if it was not that far in the past that Aaron and I had just ran into each other at a random bar for a friend's rock show on that one serendipitous evening.  

Hippy Casual

Well she was an American girl
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinkin'
That there was a little more to life somewhere else
After all it was a great big world.

The world is big and my dreams are vast, my wanderlust continues to grow.  Meanwhile, my travel the world fund doesn't seem to thrive in the same manner.  So for now I'm just a passionate dreamer with big aspirations.  I've always felt destined for greatness, like an infallible path towards a certain life.  A beautiful life.  

I also always feel like society puts a lot of pressure on everyone, but on women in particular in many aspects. I don't feel a woman needs to choose between the path of love and a family or a career, with drive and passion we can have it all, or if we're not careful: nothing at all.  I want it all.  I dream of being a top costumer/stylist or an art director for a great firm, company or be the stylist who caters solely to a ring of A-listers or the real crème de la crème while still spending the rest of my life with the man I can't live without.  I want to see the world and make it more beautiful, just one smile at a time. Not everyone can see beauty in everything and I feel its a talent I want to share.  But love is undeniable and infallible. 

Local Festival, Local Beer- Support Local.

                                                        All For The East End
Team Locals

The Eastern End of Long Island is known for being one of the most beautiful communities in the world, two of our very own local beaches are in the top beaches list every year.  This being said, we need to keep it beautiful and keep it running.  The AFTEE organization came together to help support and showcase some of the non-profit organizations out here that do good things for social, cultural, ecological and educational organizations.  Learn more about the organization  here.  It was quite the event.  

Beer, Here!

Here's to the Beers

and all the years.

Every year Martha Clara Vineyards hosts the North Fork Craft Beer, Wine, and BBQ festival on their vast extended property.  It is heaven for the beer connoisseur, a magical grassland filled with hundreds of craft beer brewers.  A lot of them are from Long Island or the New York area in general, because we like to support local in these parts.  Although this year, I tried some really good ones from down south and Kona brewing company from Hawaii is there every year.  

This year we had 3 breweries from my home town all present; Mustache Brewery, Crooked Ladder, and my favorite Long Ireland. Amazing beer and cool conversationalists, I highly recommend anyone to go down to their brewery in Polish Town in Riverhead, NY and do a tasting!

The Perfect End to Summer Meal

Happy Labor Day!
A delicious close to the summer season.

Its always sad to see summer cook outs go, but why not go out with a bang?  This to me is pretty much one of the best summer meals.  I do make a mean cucumber dill potato salad, but we'll save that for another post.  

Above you will see a nice glass of white sangria served in my favorite vintage Marilyn Monroe By Andy Warhol glasses, a balsamic sautéed potato with grated romano cheese and cherry tomatoes, a marinated skirt steak paired with grilled pineapple, and lastly a romaine salad with avocado, fresh corn, cheddar, bacon and tomato. The Perfect Summer Grilled Dinner.

Olive you, sweetheart.

Olive is the new black—
And it's here to stay through the coming seasons. 

August is always a month of mixed emotions. It's a time for change, a time to say good bye and a time for a fresh start.  Summer is ending and the sunny days will begin to get shorter, but the future is only getting brighter.  This blog is going through a transformation, as I'm sure you have noticed.  It's all a work in progress.  In with the new and out with the old, a fresh look for fall. 

Farewell to Summer Sundresses and Picnics

The Perfect A-Line Sundress with the Perfect Picnic Basket
& One Lovely Day.

Although it is with deep regret that I am forced to concede the end of summer, I am happy to embrace the perfect weather that the fall breeze brings. When the summer ends the only good thing it brings is perfect weather, still warm- yet touches of brisk air begin to linger.  The perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful east end of Long Island minus all the Hampton tourists.  I get to put on my classic Hampton-ite hat and enjoy the last few weeks of summer, because for locals here, the fun doesn't end when Labor Day weekend hits.  It just gets less crowded. Summer doesn't technically end till September 21st anyway. The beauty of being able to enjoy a quiet beach or a great restaurant post LBW. 

Cotton Candy Beach Days

Carefree Spirits, Sunshine,
and Turquoise Dreams.

So here we are in the last week of August and I don't even know where the month has gone!  I'm going to try to get a few more perfect beach days like these in.  Turquoise water and watermelon beer.  The last month has been filled with festivities and I'm working on getting a few posts of my latest adventures posted and BOOM, fall semester starts this week.  

I feel like I blinked and I am suddenly transitioning from summer and shopping for fall jackets and drinking pumpkin beverages.  

Although, I'm not ready to move my blog onto fall fashion yet.  Let's linger the summer vibe as long as possible.  I'm one of those people that wear sandals until thanksgiving, I'm always toasty and I dread putting away the open toed shoes! Plus, I love skinny jeans with chic sandals and cute fall jackets.     

So let's relish the summer vibe with another one of my favorite summer color schemes: turquoise and coral.  They just compliment eachother so well and here in this nail deco, I use my two favorite nail colors.  I the base color as Essie, "Turquoise and Caicos" and the spots as Essie, "Tart Deco" for this delicious color combo.    

Made in the 80's.

I grew up on 80's movies and 90's music,
just part of being an 80's kid. 

So when I heard my job was doing an 80's themed event I jumped at the opportunity to style a look to fit the part and perhaps a funky throwback look for a friend as well.  As some of you know I work a few different jobs, I like to call it moonlighting, or you could just say I'm a crazy person and work 3 or 4 different jobs.  Hey, a girl not only has to eat, but she's got to have some fabulous shoes too.  

Sweating Rainbows

The Jackson Pollack of 5Ks
Live in Color.

This is becoming a yearly tradition.  A 5K run in which getting as colored as possible is the name of the game- well, who wouldn't want to play?  They hit you with color at every kilometer and then the best part is finale after party where a million colors are thrown into the sky, only to rain back down on us in a magic kingdom of technicolor fun. I suggest everyone give this a try, at least once, you can sign up here

Story of My Life

I don't look for Trouble,
I've just been told it finds me.

When going to see a punk rock god, you make sure sure you look fly! I wanted to play off of very casual lines with polished details. Gotta make sure it's easy to move in! My boyfriend is a big Social D fan and when he bought us the tickets months ago I was anxiously awaiting.

Even though, I had been looking forward to seeing Social Distortion for months prior, I surprisingly hadn't pre-planned a look.  I always try to find a balance in comfort, style and edginess for most shows I go to.  I loved this blouse and he way it blends in a wind-breaker-esque lines and front zipper. Paired with the striped pair of shorts and red spiked sandals, it was a perfect summer concert look.

So off to Brooklyn we went. Through the window of the classic yellow cab we ventured the concrete jungle, passing some blocks left back in time and others emerging with fresh young artists and free sprits. We arrived at the Warsaw, a cute little punk venue using the tag line: "punk rock and pierogies" and yes, they did serve pierogies along with kielbasa, a few other polish cuisine staples, and if course polish beer.  We drank, rocked out and sang along with Mike Ness as he showed us all that: he's still got it!

Girly Skirts and Punk Rock

If you should be my punk rock princess,
So I could be your garage band king.

Celtic punk rock with Kurt Cobain and a girly twist : I like a little bit of everything. I suppose I prefer a little organized chaos, making the unconventional come together.

I feel like when I was a teenager I floated around and never really fit in with one specific style. There was never a rhyme or reason, either I liked something or I didn't. I always was inspired by so many influences. I was always a little urban funky with a touch of punk and as I've gotten older I've gone to love classic chic with retro old Hollywood vibes. Each taking the spotlight on different occasions. There is just so much beauty in this world, why settle on just one style?

I threw this look together last minute and used the same tank and vest from a previous night out— this look here. I was strapped for time, but wanted to quickly reinvent the look with a punky twist to see Dropkick Murphy's opposing the edgy clubby look that I wore to see the DJ High Contrast.

Secret Garden

Stop to Smell the Flowers-
Or Life may just pass you by.

Its already the middle of July and I can hardly believe it!  I remember being a kid, when summer felt like an eternity, some years I actually anticipated the return of fall.  Now, fall will always be one of my favorite seasons, but I do not anticipate how quickly the seasons come and go.  

I try to live each day- relishing in every moment.  Especially, as it seems the days and weeks just blur past us, the older we get.  To live a life full of rewards of all kinds.  I am so thankful to be able to make enough money to enjoy this life, even if I'm just temporarily slinging drinks to rich people. We should all strive to love the life we live, at whatever stage its in.  Too often, people get lost in the shuffle; that whole I am a "20-something year old just trying to make it in this world- I work crazy awful jobs and go to school" bit, but you just have to know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Mediocre jobs are only a pit stop, as long as you strive for more.  Take it all in and move on.  

Dance All Night Long

Dance till you drop.
And then the beat dropsssss.

Clubbing: seems like the coolest thing ever when your are 19+, or in most cases 17+ with a fake ID, but nevertheless, by the time you hit your mid-to-late twenties it is suddenly not nearly as fun and often redundant.  You think, maybe its the clubs, or the people, is too loud, but then again- maybe I've gotten old?  

Hey, it happens.  I guess it means I am getting old too, because on most nights I'd rather go have dinner and kill a bottle of wine on a waterfront view in good company, maybe even just go out for a single night cap at a bar, or even dare I say it- just kick it at home with some cocktails, a great spread of food and some close friends. 

Although, when I heard one of my old time favorite DJs was going to be in the city, the man who got me into drum and bass himself; I knew I had to be there.  


The Last Heavy Dish Till Winter. Who could say no to that?
Now, I know it's about to be July. But whatever, I make my own rules and apparently I make up my own lasagnas too. And it was good, sooooo good.  I've had this idea in theory and in the works for some time now and I finally just deci…

Pink Lemonade

Bright and Sweet
Something refreshing for summer!

A more recent nail bed masterpiece in my signature leopard.  The truth is I like sticking to this easy design and work on creating cool new color combinations. I used a Essie Tart Deco and Sally Hansen Express-o Yellow nail polishes.  I'm quite happy with the sort of pink lemonade color scheme as the result.