Farewell to Summer Sundresses and Picnics

The Perfect A-Line Sundress with the Perfect Picnic Basket
& One Lovely Day.

Although it is with deep regret that I am forced to concede the end of summer, I am happy to embrace the perfect weather that the fall breeze brings. When the summer ends the only good thing it brings is perfect weather, still warm- yet touches of brisk air begin to linger.  The perfect weather to enjoy the beautiful east end of Long Island minus all the Hampton tourists.  I get to put on my classic Hampton-ite hat and enjoy the last few weeks of summer, because for locals here, the fun doesn't end when Labor Day weekend hits.  It just gets less crowded. Summer doesn't technically end till September 21st anyway. The beauty of being able to enjoy a quiet beach or a great restaurant post LBW. 

I'll end the Season in a typical classic Hampton's style.  My Hampton's housewife style dress and hat with the most adorable C Wonder picnic basket purchased at the Southampton pop-up store. Which I must say is such a great brand, it is owned by Christopher Burch who pioneered his ex-wife's brand Tory Burch. Most of these fabulous stores in Southampton will be open until the end of September, which is when to catch all the good sales!

Okay, so let's talk about this great A-line dress. It will pretty much always be a classic in my wardrobe- one of my favorites.                                             It was a from a special line that Jean Paul Gaultier did for Target.  I actually got two dresses from that line, how could I not.  Jean Paul Gaultier dresses were at TARGET!  It was like time stopped as I walked to the rack and was able to afford a Gaultier dress!                                                                 It's a slight modern twist on the classic retro dress, but all the elements are there.  There are so many cool things I can do with this dress too, but here I kept it simple and true to it's natural state.  A great sundress to close out sundress season.    
As for these wedges, I love the style.  Known as the "Alex" wedge, I have them in their signature swamp crochet color.  However, the ones I am wearing are an inspired version, the Pam Wedge by Mossimo.  It still amazes me that a big box store like Target manages to score all the top styles and designer trends, but I'm certainly happy they do.  I will admit up close in person you can tell the SW version is more high quality, but the look is still great and the quality is good enough.  Keep your eye on Target! They tend to have the goods, if you know what you're looking for!   


\\ H&M button-down shirt // JEAN PAUL GAULTIER for target dress //
\\ H&M hat // MOSSIMO wedges // TARGET necklace //
\\ C WONDER picnic basket // 


  1. Lovely dress! but the picnic basket is so 0_0 I love it!!!!

    Una falda tul con un borsalino muy especial, échale un ojo
    A tulle skirt with an special borsalino, don´t miss it!

    1. Thanks! My boyfriend makes fun of how obsessed with this picnic basket I am! It's just so cute, I can't take it. haha.

  2. Such a lovely outfit, the hat was a great touch and your sandals are super cute! Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'?


  3. That is such a lovely dress!
    And voilà I am now following you my dear ^___^

    Thank you so so much for all your kind words.
    It means the world to me.


  4. Very romantic look and that basket is so pretty

    Have a great weekend


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