Sweating Rainbows

The Jackson Pollack of 5Ks
Live in Color.

This is becoming a yearly tradition.  A 5K run in which getting as colored as possible is the name of the game- well, who wouldn't want to play?  They hit you with color at every kilometer and then the best part is finale after party where a million colors are thrown into the sky, only to rain back down on us in a magic kingdom of technicolor fun. I suggest everyone give this a try, at least once, you can sign up here

Totally the easiest 5K ever because you are anxious for the next color at every kilometer so before you know it, it's over.  You can check out photos from my technicolor experience from last year here

Every time I do something like this I feel the need to customize my t-shirt, it would be very unlike me to leave a perfectly normal t-shirt alone.  It is not mine until I've cut it up an deconstructed it.  Incase you haven't noticed already, I love t-shirts and I usually deconstruct them and use them in a ton of outfits. Below I have posted a few photos of my Color Run Tank that I made from the t-shirt.  For future reference, would anyone be interested in me posting a t-shirt post, perhaps showing my collection with some tutorials on cutting and deconstructing- such as the laddering effect illustrated below?  Let me know.       

My Shirt Before the Deconstruction: 

 My Shirt after I deconstructed: 


Hope you enjoyed a look in my kaleidoscope!

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