Springtime Right in Blue and White

With the nicer weather now here for good, the changeover of the closets has begun! It's time to ditch those heavy fabrics, jackets and accessories and embrace your lightweight cottons, linens and wools. It's the perfect time for your white sneakers and white highlights. A perfect pairing with your whites are your blues: navy, royal, powder and the rest - think nautical, oceans and beaches and warm sunshine on your face while wading through crystal clear waters.

If you've followed my previous posts, you'll notice some familiar pieces - just utilized differently. The blazer is from my blue suit (Bold in Blue and Gold) and my white short-sleeve Henley, eclipse Haydins and white Stan Smith sneakers have been seen paired together before (Stan Smith and Me in NYC) as well. Together, they create a different idea: an elevated, casual look that can transition you from day to night; something very clean, fresh and modern. 

What I'm Wearing:

THEORY  |  blazer

THEORY  |  henley

THEORY  |  pants

ADIDAS  |  sneakers

Something good as a side note to remember: unless you have plenty of expendable income, the key to your style will be to pick up quality pieces and find new ways to wear them so they create a different look. As I've said before, details make the difference, so by doing something so simple as pushing the sleeves up on a suit jacket and pairing it with casual pants and a casual shirt instead of suit pants and a dress shirt, you can take a piece and make it more versatile. A broken suit is not only in-trend, it's a style necessity for those "in between" situations where all-out casual or semi-formal are two sides of the same coin and both inappropriate.

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I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from this look and enjoyed it; I certainly enjoyed heading down to the beach to shoot it! 

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.