The Final Layers

Spring should be in the air, but we have been getting a final push of cold weather and in a positive way of spinning it,  I plan to enjoy layering a sweater with a cute coat, and a scarf just one last time. Its that transitional time of year, when you need to be dressed for a multitude of temperatures.  I always opt for a warm coat, sweater, and a cool tank. There is something about layering that always seems pulled together without trying.

With the coming summer months, I should actually have a bit more free time.  I hope to keep my blog going a bit better in these months.  The next two years are going to be quite the adventure and I'd like to keep you all along for the ride.  

WHAT I'M   |  wearing :

MEYER THE HATTER | brimmed hat

PRADA | sunglasses

H&M | knit sweater

H&M | kurt cobain tank top

LEVIS | jeans

ROXY | distressed combat boots

LOUIS VUITTON | speedy 30 bag

H&M | oversized coat

MOSSIMO | scarf

SHOP | a similar look :