bold in blue and gold

I must confess, for as much knowledge as I may have with regards to men's style, the one thing I had not yet mastered - hell, even attempted - was the bowtie. I know you must be thinking to yourself, "No, this ambassador of style, this guru of menswear; he must be pulling my leg." I assure you, I am not. It was the one card I did not have up my sleeve. The day, nay, the OUTFIT had finally come and it was time to hunker down and give the bowtie it's day in the sun. This is that outfit.

Every guy needs to own a suit; that goes without saying. Ideally, they should probably own more than one, but if they only pick one my suggestion to them would be a navy suit. Black is very classy, but usually comes across as VERY formal and some guys mention the "funeral" effect (in that it makes the wearer feel like they're going to a funeral). Grey is a great choice, but if they're not well-versed in picking out their own shirt/tie combo, you wind up seeing a lot of guys wearing either black, white or grey. Not very exciting. Navy, however, allows the wearer many shirt/tie/shoe combinations and can make for exciting looks.

This suit is actually more blue than navy. A blue suit still gives you the professional and dapper look you're going for, but the brighter hue gives the suit a bit more life. I decided to pair the suit with a lighter blue woven shirt as this is both a classic look and paired well with (you guessed it), the bowtie. Blue and gold pair very well together, so having a bowtie that combined both colors just made for the perfect opportunity to showcase this outfit. Completing the look is a gold pocket square, gold watch, brown boots and the coolest detail of the outfit, the gold lapel clip from Curated Basics. This look is very dapper, in-trend and showcases some personal flair and style. Details make the outfit, so make sure the details are perfect.

What I'm Wearing:


THEORY | suit

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE | pocket square

THEORY | shirt

MOVADO | watch

ALDO | boots

CURATED BASICS | lapel clip

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I hope you enjoyed the look! I had fun learning how to tie a bowtie (Bill Nye taught me; that guy knows everything!) and really loved pulling it all together for you. Remember: a gentleman ties his own bowties.

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.