posh in houndstooth - it's a celebration!

Once every year, a day comes around when there is cause for celebration, ritualistic tribute and the occasional 'day-after recap:' MY BIRTHDAY! As any self-respecting fashionable person does, I decided to dress it up and get all fancy-pants because, well, it's my birthday and why not look my best?

The key to this outfit is its versatility: keep the tie and a single point pocket square fold for dinner - it's refined and perfect for a night on the town - then when the party really gets going, drop the tie, flip the pocket square to a four mountains fold, open that top button and let loose! 

What I'm Wearing:

CALVIN KLEIN  |  jacket

THEORY  |  shirt

EXPRESS  |  tie

THEORY  |  pants

BEN SHERMAN  |  shoes

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I hope you all enjoyed the look; I know I'm going to enjoy my day! Take any opportunity you can, especially your birthday, to get dressed up and flex your fashion muscles. Look good; feel good - it really can be that simple.

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.