them flannel blues

Some days you need something casual to kick around in -just a casual flannel on a morning you accidentally shut off the alarm again. When life gets complicated, it doesn't hurt to simplify where you can.  Though, simple doesn't ever have to mean sloppy. With the right details, the most simple items can seem thoughtful and pulled together.

I try to be a pro at winging it and making it work.  I'm trying to simplify my life in many areas, but that would never mean loosing my flair. As most of my time is usually accounted and planned for these days,  I had to find a happy medium in looking semi-pulled together even if I happen to wake up late, get ready in twenty minutes, and just barely catch the subway.

In my own typical styling, I combine grungy and chic, casual with a twist, and generally a combination of opposite spectrums. Almost everyone's go-to is blue jeans, and I am no different, I also tend to always reach for a comfy flannel or simple button down to wear over something.  Now, the easiest way to make something so simple look pulled together is to add a wedge and some good accessories of course.     

WHAT I'M  | | wearing :

MOSSIMO | flannel

BARA BOHEME | polished quartz necklace

LEVI'S | denim jeans

BARA BOHEME | raw quartz arrow necklace

AMAZON | ribbed mock-neck sweater dress (worn as a shirt)

MERONA | wedge boots

MICHAEL KORS | mustard cross-body bag

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