eat your heart out

I won't lie, I'm not the biggest advocate for Valentine's day.  I personally don't really believe in a holiday that mandates affections or makes anyone feel inadequate.  However, I do love an excuse to dress up or to dress to a theme.  

Now, if you're going to dress for the holiday, you need to do it right.  Just a pop of red will do fine, you don't need to look like the valentine's day candy aisle.  Though I think the most important rule is to dress appropriate for what you are doing. This particular look would be great for a hip restaurant lounge or maybe even a chill concert venue, perhaps a date night at City Winery, a cool venue I really like. 

This year I'm just simply focusing on the love: the love of my life, loving myself to follow my dreams, and just taking each day to fill it with all the love and positivity I can.  Because, that is what it is about, not giant stuffed bears or five-dollar pieces of paper that tell someone how much you love them.  So love everyday, and look great while you do it! 

WHAT I'M  | | wearing :

MOSSIMO | beanie

H&M | dress

MERONA | tights

C WONDER | vintage inspired bag

KOHL'S | chunky necklace


SHOP | a similar look :

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :