returned to the stars

The man, the legend himself.  David Bowie was so much more than a musician, he was a mover and a shaker -an innovator for over four decades.  He transcended not only music, but art and fashion as well.  His fierce look changed like the tides and his progressive career molded so many other great musicians.  

His "plastic soul" just shook up the music world and blended genres while stepping out, in a sequin covered shoe, into new genres.  He helped define the punk rock scene though his guidance and production with Lou Reed and he evolved the glam rock scene.  

In reality, I could go on for eons about the greatness that was, that is David Bowie.  Instead I will let his music speak for him, when I am at a loss for words because the world will shine a little less today. 


Queen Bitch

ziggy stardust

let's dance

rebel, rebel

suffragette city

Under Pressure


life on mars

china girl

modern love

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