new year, new face.

I  had thought nothing could top the events of 2014. To my surprise, 2015 flew by on a cloud of awesome events and now it's already 2016. This year is shaping up for so many big things - one of which is i can't afford my lifestyle will start making some big changes.

Not only are there some adjustments to the overall iCAMlife look, but the content will be more streamlined to specific lifestyle posts, event and daily outfits and now, menswear posts as a main component.

So without further delay:  

Meet Rob Petrillo, the blog's newest addition. He has been a trusted confidante for over ten years. We've lived a plethora of styles together, most of which we'd rather not relive. His taste is classic and traditional with a splash of street; it has a touch of old-time elegance with an urban metallic edge. Our styles both unite as a chic classic vibe with a twist. I prefer a lemon twist; Rob prefers lime.

Together we will be creating something new here: a better blog with more cohesive content, all brought together by two opposite best friends who share a love of the finer things - on a budget of course. 

the CD | LOOK

WHAT I'M  | |  wearing :  

H&M | striped crop sweater

 F21 | lace skater skirt 

ALDO | vintage style red pumps 

MEYER the HATTER | brimmed hat

MERONA | scarf

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the RP | LOOKS

WHAT HE'S  | | wearing 

THEORY | blazer


THEORY | moto pants

KING & FIFTH CO. | beanie

THEORY | shirt


THEORY | scarf

MOVADO | watch

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|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :