life is what you make it

The past year has been a whirlwind, but busy is good.  Well in moderation it is, too much and life will just pass you by. I know, adulting is hard.  So, all while getting my life where I'd like it, I didn't really have a lot of time for this blog or much else.  I want to share what has been keeping me so busy,  this thing called: Life.  

Life is truly only what you make it.  It isn't just finding yourself, its creating yourself.  So in the past eight months I have moved my life to Brooklyn, started an advanced one-year design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology, began to master public transit, performed a miracle makeover on my apartment, made new friends while strengthening my personal relationships from back home, and I have started making my 5 year vision a reality. The next question is always, "whats next?"

Before starting this program I had never painted before, I was stuck focusing only on portraits and sketching people. I was terrified of the idea of weaving and I hadn't used photoshop since I was a fifteen years old with a 'zine.  Yes, I said 'zine. Though by the end of the semester, I could barely believe how far I'd come.  Well, this adventure is just beginning, today I start the last semester of this program, in June I'll be doing design research in Paris, I just got accepted in the Bachelor's program and have decided to minor in fashion studies, and if all goes well I will be in Australia studying abroad for a semester. All of the things, all of the stuff. And after all of that, then studying abroad in Australia, and internships, I can finally begin to plan my wedding (see our story here).

A leap of faith into the unknown is overwhelmingly scary, it seems enormous and impossible. Though if the unknown didn't feel slightly terrifying, it would end up feeling boring and rather lackluster. Though I must say, if your dreams seem big and scary, you're on the right path, all you have to do is jump.      

(grand gestures aren't everything, it really is about the little things.)

Brooklyn Digs : My Bedroom. 

 [ Following my dreams and going to my dream school. ]

[ the tattoo i got before school started, to commemorate my late continuation.)

Now I can't just give away all my patterns, 
but I will show you a preview.

[ Print Designs for Apparel 

and Home Furnishings ]

( hidden conversational : working on a very famous landmark design ;D  )

( floral croqui : orchids and ivy )

( documentary period stripe + mood board : andy warhol and the 60s )

( painting with dye trial )

( "rockin' robins" motifs for my children's wear.)

[ Woven Design ]

(based 4 weaves off of vintage album art)

(Sex Pistols : plain weave)

(Jimi Hendrix Experience: twill weave )

(not pictured, on display at school.  
Dark Side of the Moon : tapestry style weave.)

(not pictured, on display at school.  
Magical Mystery Tour : experimental materials with mylar lights.)

(working on my overshot technique to create a 
cohesive collection on a 4-harness table loom )

[ Screen Printing ]

(before altering the pattern and adding to it.)

(turning my John Legend drawing into a pattern for screen printing. )

(turning portrait sketches into a screen printing pattern. )

(two screens and cut a stencil to print on this canvas tote. )

(Mood board for 3 New Orleans inspired patterns to go in a boutique hotel.)

(Rough draft of my 5-star pattern. Magnolias and bird cages.)

(painting my 5-star design in gouache. )

[Nature Studies]

(vegetable still life.)

(two sprig painting in progress)

(And a relaxing Breakfast in bed to end the semester right!)

(And to Top off my semester, I got accepted into a 
design research program in Paris this summer!)

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :