Stoop Kid

I have fully embraced my inner 90's grunge as a permanent staple to my style.  I am accepting that my style doesn't quite fit in a categorical little box and this is the year, that I plan to embrace all of it's facets. One of the major personalities in my style is a flair for a 'chic grunge' or a 'pretty punk'.  

This is a look that just fell together on a typical day in the hustle bustle of an art student living in Brooklyn.  Taking the N to Broadway and walking down Fashion Ave -I used to imagine I'd be garbed in the most fabulously styled looks from my closet, this delusion may have also included five-inch-heels.  That isn't the reality, as a design student: comfort triumphs all.

So in the last few months, functional fashion has become a friend.  I feel pairing dresses and tights with casual boots, scarves, and casual accessories make for a balanced casual look with flair.


WHAT I'M  | | wearing :

NEFF | beanie

MOSSIMO | plaid baby doll dress

MICHAEL KORS | studded belt

CANDIES | boots

MERONA | tights

PRADA | baroque sunglasses

SHOP | a similar look :

|   F O L L O W   M E   O N  :