three little birds,

Three little birds 

Pitch by my doorstep 

Singin' sweet songs 

Of melodies pure and true, 


This is my message to you-ou-ou..

Don't worry 'bout a thing.

We  got a tease of summer air last week with some fantastic 80 degree weather, but it was just enough to get our hopes high.  Sandals one day and back to boots the next, welcome to spring in New York. 
So, I find myself dreaming of this:

- Sunshine, Carefree days, endless nights, and an awesome bartender named Roberto.

 (Yeah these were pretty much the coolest bartenders)

It was this man, Roberto, that introduced us to the above magical, rasta colored shots.
We asked for his best shot while at the pool bar 
and he just started blending without hesitation.
Afterwords he placed the shots before us- we asked, "what are these?" 
He simply replied, "Bob Marleys." 
It was a cool, sweet love affair.

These fine little compadres are made up of 3 layers.
A 1 count of Midori on the bottom. 
Then a well poured frozen mango margarita in the middle.
With a frozen strawberry daiquiri on top. 
Layered slowly so they don't mix. 

We drank some,

& Some more.

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