Porcelain Punk

Baby Doll Dress & a Touch of  Punk
Class with a touch of Funk.

I mean really, what girl doesn't look good in an A-line dress?  Exactly.  It looks great on almost every body type.  I feel the look of an A-line dress creates such beautiful feminine lines that it is the heart to so many great looks.  Christian Dior obviously knew exactly what he was doing when he founded the very first A-line in the mid-50s.  There are billions of ways to wear this dress, and the same goes for most little black dresses.

On this particular day I wore this to work, the main requirements are as followed, must wear black, no bare shoulders, must wear flat shoes, and look appropriate.

I took a dress that could be dressed up or dressed down and tried to get it somewhere directly in the middle.  I felt the studded boots, funky giraffe tights, and frilly steam-punk necklace would shake up the baby-doll A-line dress and classic cardigan.  I think it was successful.      

Merona: Cardigan // F21: Dress // Merona: Tights // 
Candies: Boots (PoshMark) // Charlotte Russe: Necklace
// Ray-Ban: Original Wayfarer   


  1. Awesome whole black look!
    So nice on you, great style!

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  2. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog:-) love the way you mixed up trends here,super chic:-) If you like,do follow me on GFC and Bloglovin and i'll surely follow back;-)

    1. Aw thanks lady, I love mixing up styles. ;)
      Def about to check out your blog.

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