The Silver Lining

Sparkles & Aqua
Together like Tiffany's and Diamonds.

Love, Love, Love this paint job- if I do say so myself. And I do. I painted my two accent nails with Essie, "Steel-ing the scene", then the other three nails with Essie, "Where's my Chauffeur?"- as well as using the Essie, "Set in stone" luxe effect series.  

After the two coats on each nail has dried I gently paint on dots of the "Where's my Chauffeur" color.  While those are drying I start to layer the "Set in Stone" polish to achieve the above look.  The trick is to start with a strip the size of a french manicure line, then gently go over the first layer overlapping just a touch, continue this until the gitter is a desired look with a slight gradual fade.

I prefer to use a 60 second clear coat with this kind of look because the polish on the nails with the glitter fade can be a little thick and will practically never dry- and ain't nobody got time for that.  Although, with help from an awesome clear coat- all of those layers can actually dry before you impatiently stub your freshly awesome nails on something you needed to do.    

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