Let it be Wedge Season.

Summer Air in the Midst.
Time to let the toes be free!

You know you are a year round New Yorker when the first 55 degree day comes around and everyone thinks its a heat wave.  Now I enjoy all the seasons, but I'm always over-joyed with the weather change come mid-april.  Don't you ever feel like you whole being is rejoiced on the first beautiful day? It's invigorating. 

Although it is breezy enough for a jacket, I felt it was warm enough to set the toes free.    They were super happy to be free and in one of my favorite wedges, the SW: Alex wedge. They are the perfect casual wedge.  I love using them to chic up something causal or use them to dress down something more dressy.   

Perfect for a little shopping on main street in southampton and then a little lunch. Went to Cafe Crust on a friends suggestion, great in theory with some good menu items, an all organic menu, and even all natural sodas and Iced Teas.  However, the pizza being good and offering 3 awesome dipping sauces with the calamari did not cover up the fact that the iced green tea tasted like soap and the calamari came from a package and when we told the server that we "were not interested in dessert" -she said, "I don't blame you".  It is new and had potential, but I probably will never go again.  
So that's my recommendation, if you want fire oven personal pizzas: go to World Pie in Bridgehampton instead.       

H&M: Olive Military Blazer // Calvin Klein: Button-Down Blouse // H&M: Leopard Cardigan // Sold: Red-Orange Skinnys(Saks) // Stuart Weitzman: Alex Wedge // Boot Necklace (Claire's) //
Prada: Sunglasses // Louis Vuitton: Monogram Speedy 35 (Had since I was 17!)

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