Brooklyn Street Art

I would like to think I'm an artful person. I have a background in music and the arts; it's in my blood. Fashion is art, so maybe that's why I'm drawn to it. While recently in Brooklyn, I was able to enjoy some art in it's rawest form - street art. There are some really talented artists taking to the streets to express themselves the best way they know how and I was lucky to see it.

Sometimes you just want a clean, no frills look; something simple, yet still looks put together. The easiest way to pull that off is with a fresh white shirt and a well-fitting neutral colored pant. I went with this grey cotton pant because it's appropriate for the season in terms of the color and fabric and they also happen to be very comfortable! Pairing back to my white slip-ons was the way to go because a white shoe is exactly what this look called for and because it's ok to wear white after Labor Day! Tossing on a lightweight jacket adds both a functional and fashionable layer for this time of year, so I opted for my burgundy bomber in this instance - as it is just a touch of fall color over my neutral look. This is one of the easiest ways to pull off a seasonally appropriate look, without having to stress too much about mixing colors that may or may not clash.

What I'm Wearing:

CALVIN KLEIN  |  jacket

THEORY  |  shirt

STEVE MADDEN  |  shoes

EXPRESS  |  pants

RAY-BAN  |  sunglasses

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There you have it: a simple, yet pulled together look for the early fall that is easy to wear, easy to pull off and yet still looks like you know what you're doing, without trying too hard. Pop that fall color over your neutrals and walk around confident that you look stylish and easy-going.

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.