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J e   V e u x   v o i r   l e   M o n d e
                                                                                       : i want to see the world.

The older I get, the more my perception of "rich" or "value" continues to change.  Of course we'd all love to be served breakfast in bed, own a summer home - how about own a private jet, while we are at it.  Though, only few things make an individual actually rich.

In my opinion, all the money and general wealth in the world can not make your life rich by merely existing.  A rich life is comprised of:   l o v e  - love of oneself, love of another, feeling that love in return, love of one's purpose, love of life ;  e d u c a t i o n  - you have stopped living if you are no longer learning ;  t r a v e l - there is so much to see in this world and with each discovery lies a chance at an enriching adventure ; lastly and positively accompanying is :  p a s s i o n - without passion the hunger that fuels each of these life enriching elements will cease to exist. 

Although, it will be a bit more of a wait till I hop the pond.  I will have to appease myself with Domestic travel, Caribbean trips, and fantastic casual outfits.  Every day is an opportunity to artistically express an emotion and my emotions want to travel Europe. 

| what i'm wearing :


PRADA | sunglasses

H&M | crop sweater

F21 | maxi skirt

ZAPPOS | boots

BIG BUDDHA | purse

TARGET | scarf


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