Cool As the Other Side of the Grapevine

With the warmer weather now here to stay (hopefully, anyway), the opportunities to get out into the world with your killer style are amassing. Living out on the East End of Long Island has it's advantages, one of which being the access to Wine Country - and quite the country it is! One of my favorite places to frequent is Sparkling Pointe, a sparkling wine vineyard located in Southold, NY. It has an absolutely gorgeous interior and the outdoor seating puts you right where the magic happens: the vineyard itself.

Just because you're at a vineyard, doesn't mean you have to have to look stuffy. It's a great opportunity to try out something that's still casual, but also a bit more fashionable and elevated. This look is inspired by that premise: not stuffy, fashionable, casual and elevated. 

Nothing says warm weather like a pair or white shoes. I opted to go with my white, perforated leather slip-ons and paired that with a white button up to tie in the whites. Working off of that, I paired these with porpoise colored Haydins, a blue v-neck tee under the white button up and my new denim jacket. My tortoise shell Ray-Bans complete the look, both in style and function.

What I'm Wearing:

STEVE MADDEN  |  shoes

THEORY  |  tee shirt

LEVIS  |  denim jacket

THEORY  |  button up

RAY-BAN  |  sunglasses

THEORY  |  pants

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I hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed wearing it - well, and the sparkling wine, too! Get out there and enjoy the warm weather and look your best!

Until next time,

Mind Your Manners.


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