day at the museum

I recently made a trip into New York City to visit my girlfriend, the American Museum of Natural History and wander a bit around Central Park. Never one to miss an opportunity for some great scenery, I made sure to put something together for you all to check out; a casual look fit for a day in NYC.

As you can probably tell, I have more than a few Henley shirts in my wardrobe. It's a great casual shirt to own as it provides a bit of detailing with the buttons, but is still very comfortable to wear and is definitely a step up from the usual cotton t-shirt. They look better than a regular t-shirt and your significant other will appreciate the change of pace. They also work pretty well if you're still working on that 'significant other' thing.

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For this look, I grabbed my blue waffle-knit Henley and paired it with my new Levi's 511 Slim denim in grey. Pulling the look together are my brown boots, navy Michael Kors jacket and some key accessories for the cold weather: a scarf, combo gloves and beanie. 

What I'm Wearing:

EXPRESS | henley

LEVI'S | denim

EXPRESS | beanie

ALDO | boots

EXPRESS | scarf


EXPRESS | gloves

Cold weather demands accessory use. When picking accessories, always make sure that they don't clash with what you're wearing, so make sure to have a few different hat/scarf/glove combinations that you can mix and match to work with what you're wearing. I know I say this often, but it's true: the details make the outfit. Don't miss an opportunity to kill it just because you aren't paying attention to the details.

Remember: your style is the outward representation of your inner self - make it the best version you can.

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Mind Your Manners.


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