a pop of red for st. valentine

Well, it's that time of year again; Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Fellas, this is an opportunity to look great while taking out your special someone. Now, we could all go the easy route and throw on a red shirt/sweater, a pair of pants and keep it moving, but where is the creativity in that? I propose an alternative: keep the red, but make it a small pop of color instead.

For this look, I pulled together some new pieces to my collection and paired them with some pieces I've had for awhile. A white dress shirt is the base of the outfit, paired with a black and red paisley tie, black pants, black and grey sweater, a black jacket, red pocket square, red socks and black and white leather sneakers.

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Now obviously, this is a pretty "dressed up" look, but it can be scaled back. Remember, with layers comes opportunity to mix and match. For a less formal look, you could rock something like this, but remove the jacket. You could also drop the tie and keep the jacket. You could even lose the tie and sweater and keep the jacket. Versatility is key.

What I'm Wearing:

THEORY  |  jacket

EXPRESS  |  shirt

THEORY  |  sweater

ALDO  |  shoes

THEORY  |  pants

CROFT & BARROW  |  tie

MARC ANTHONY  |  socks

SAKS FIFTH AVE  |  pocket square

There are going to be plenty of times when you're going to have to pull an outfit together for a holiday or event where there is a color that is almost expected to be used. While I'm not one to tell you to ignore that, I AM one to tell you that you can do it in a fun and creative way that allows you to really elevate your style. Remember to have fun and really let your creativity flow. I hope you gleaned some inspiration from this look and I hope you all enjoy your Valentine's Day!

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Mind Your Manners.


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