I spent six days eating my way through this city.

It wasn't nearly long enough.

Seeing the sights of a new city is one of the best parts of life.  And right before all the holiday season madness began, I got to visit New Orleans, Louisiana. Looking back through what I see, knowing what I didn't have time to see, leaves want to go back!  Like Tennessee Williams said, "America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

I will always wonder to myself, how I spent so much of my life never visiting this city.  It quickly became another city I fell in love with.  With the food, the history, architecture, music, culture, sweet tea, and that good ol' southern hospitality- how could I not fall in love.  So check out some highlights from my adventure.  

Cheesy Holiday Portaits

Hope everyone's holiday was great!

Tis' the season for family time, cookies, and of course: cheesy family portraits.  The family I grew up with lives about four hours so this is the time of year I actually get to spend some quality time with them.  Though, most days its another group of people who are my everyday family.  So we took this holiday photo together.  No husbands, no babies, just us roomies and our pets.  

So I hope everyone had a great holiday and get to spend it with whomever you call your family.   

DIY | The Best Last Minute X-MAS Present

The Cutest Chevron Bracelet,
easy to make and surely to please.

Well what's better than a thoughtful and useable present.  I suppose you could be sarcastic and say the winning lotto ticket, a vacation, or some other lavish big ticket item.  Though, truthfully -who can afford all that?  Not me and that probably also applies to ninety-nine percent of you as well.  

So how about something cool, thoughtful, inexpensive and something someone would actually want to wear. I thought they would be great mixed in with other bracelets or worn as a trio. 
Sound good okay great!  Check out how I made these chevron braided bracelets. 

Fall Layering

Classic, Pulled Together -
And always running late.

It may be december, but it is fall for another week.  So here was a little something from fall, as of late its been extra tough getting all these posts up, but I'm back and ready to keep it up.  I always pull it together, but I'm perpetually fashionably late.  So much change is coming and I hope you guys will enjoy reading about my adventures.

The holidays will of course be hectic, but I'm always happy to spend some quality time with my family and the food, of course one of my holiday favorites is the food. I will be anxiously awaiting a good word from FIT, which I'm planning on starting this Fall 2015 in the Textile and Surface design program and then to the.  I had my interview this past Sunday, I was so excited/ nervous before and after - seriously, I thought I might pee my pants.  Not really, but the feeling fluttering inside the cavern of my body was nuts.  

So regardless, After my 28th birthday this March I will be moving into the City, finally.  I lived my whole life an hour outside of the best city and I will finally be  living in it.  Follow me as I make my dreams come true, plan my "we're having a pre-wedding, we aren't getting married for a long time" engagement party, throw my fiancé his Dirty 30 Birthday party and continuing on a path of productivity and of course trying to be fab. So, ahhhh here it goes. 

Glade Pop-Up Boutique Debut

Art Installation Selling Feelings -
what will you feel?

If you live in NYC, this is one amazing pop-up shop that you need to experience. Glade is preparing to launch great variety of complex new scents in 2015 and in preparation they had their first ever pop-up shop in the Meatpacking District right here in the City.  And I got to attend the premiere cocktail party opening for this fab event of feelings, luxurious scents and great people. Glade is breaking boundaries between quality and affordability.  I really love some of the new outdoor scents such as Blooming Peony and Cherry, Cashmere woods and Moonlit Walk which will become available at local Targets in the coming year. 

The pop-up boutique consists of five scent themed rooms that give us the gift of feelings upon entrance of each creativity filled room. I loved the installations, each of the five rooms was labeled the feelings: Anticipation, Relaxation,  Fresh & New, Flirty and Energized -the rooms were a full multi-sensory experience and perfectly matched with to the scents of Sparling Spruce, Hawaiian Breeze, Clean Linen, Blooming Peony and Cherry, and the Red Honeysuckle Nectar.  

The beautiful scent lounge area and beautiful mosaic of a woman's face made up of all candles was created and curated by the talented and beautiful Stephanie Goto.  I loved her touch of retro glamour, classy chic style with a touch of whimsical nature to bring the space alive.  Upon first walking in I was greeted by the lovely hosts and then relaxed in the perfect feelings lounge and then making my way to the scent bar to experience all the scents and grab a refreshing coconut water mojito. 

Staying on Track

And also, Introducing:
The coolest rain boots ever.

You never know when its going to rain, so why not let your rain boots make a statement just as any of your other boots do. Functionality and fashion can go together.  First it's sunny, then it starts raining - its crazy. Henry Ferrera makes the best cool designer looking rainboots (check below for some more styles). Basically these boots allow you to pull off being prepared without ruining your flair.

Flair, style, your essence, you know - "ya thing", its what we all possess and only some of us embrace it.  Lately, I will say I've been struggling to encapsulate all that is my flair.  For the past month and a half I've been working diligently on a new portfolio for FIT. Yes, new.  I decided to go a different route for my pieces and actually feel it is my best work.  I thought I would be getting my BFA, but no such luck.  The degree I want doesn't care I have a degree in business, so although I need to do a whole other associates degree over, I'm hoping for a 1-year associates to fulfill their art majored requirements.  I'm very excited to share some of these pieces with you all, I will soon, as soon as this interview is over.

Needless to say, I've been so crazy these last three weeks -that my posts have fallen a bit and I may have been losing my mind a bit.  The only thing I know is, I'm getting in.  It is the only program for me and the only classes that make me excited to learn.  I feel meant to do it, and like Andy Warhol would have said, it never mattered how slow I went, it only mattered that I've never stopped.       

CRAFTY SIPS | A New Thanksgiving Beer

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing.
Sharing an awesome pumpkin porter.

Recently Erin and I shared a limited batch pumpkin mix pack.  The beer was a collaboration job by 21st Amendment and Elysian Brewing Companies called "He Said" that included two Belgian-Style Triples brewed with pumpkin and two Baltic Porters with Pumpkin.  

I will preface this by saying that my love of Porters has been vastly growing. I love them, I'm obsessed with this year's batch of Long Ireland Chocolate Porter and now I have a new beer to add to the list. With the good comes the bad and I will admit, I was not crazy about the Belgian Triple Ale.  It was slightly too bitter in the finish, which I like sometimes - but not with pumpkin beers.  I look for a smooth body and slightly sweet finish with a great pumpkin beer and with that the porter took home the bacon!

I now only wish I could buy solo packs of the He Said Baltic Pumpkin Porter and hoard it up to have all winter.  Yes, it was that delicious.    

So, with tomorrow's holiday be sure to share the love and the beer.  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and gets to spend with people they care most about.

DAILY OUTFIT | Parisian Vibes

J e   V e u x   v o i r   l e   M o n d e
                                                                                       : i want to see the world.

The older I get, the more my perception of "rich" or "value" continues to change.  Of course we'd all love to be served breakfast in bed, own a summer home - how about own a private jet, while we are at it.  Though, only few things make an individual actually rich.

In my opinion, all the money and general wealth in the world can not make your life rich by merely existing.  A rich life is comprised of:   l o v e  - love of oneself, love of another, feeling that love in return, love of one's purpose, love of life ;  e d u c a t i o n  - you have stopped living if you are no longer learning ;  t r a v e l - there is so much to see in this world and with each discovery lies a chance at an enriching adventure ; lastly and positively accompanying is :  p a s s i o n - without passion the hunger that fuels each of these life enriching elements will cease to exist. 

Although, it will be a bit more of a wait till I hop the pond.  I will have to appease myself with Domestic travel, Caribbean trips, and fantastic casual outfits.  Every day is an opportunity to artistically express an emotion and my emotions want to travel Europe. 

BEAUTY | Fake that Summer Glow All Winter Long

As the Winter Chill sets in, 
the summer glow doesn't have to leave.

As soon as the holidays become close, the freeze begins to creep in.  With that the dry and pasty skin lurks around like the awkward family members that you try to avoid at family parties. I have never been a huge fake tanner, self tanner, tanning bed sort of girl -but I also cannot deny that I feel miserable as soon as my tan has completely faded. 

FakeBake is a great way to fake the healthy, glowing and toned complexion to your skin.  It is a washable faux glow that is easily applied and rubbed in.  It's instant gratification because you can see the product blending and can carefully apply it evenly.  FakeBake is great for you body and face. A great option for an instant bronzed look that washes away easily in the shower, yet will not rub off if it is dried and layered properly.  I will say I layered it really thick to appear extra dark for a halloween costume ( see here ) and I got it on my white sweater scarf -though after washing it, my scarf appeared like new. So, basically I'm telling you it is not only a great way to fake a summer glow, but that it is completely washable! Do it, I won't tell anyone. 

So these are a few of my favorite products, they are all spectacular and do a fantastic job of keeping my skin soft, healthy and have a natural year round glow.  I highly recommend this regimen! 

Smells Like Teen Spirit

90's are apparently the new 80's,
and I like the music more. 

I still think I like 80's movies better, but 90's music is the best.  There is something about those grunge bands that started in garages and then found themselves creating their own genres. I love them all: Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and I can't forget my little obsession with Gavin Rossdale and his band Bush.

With that being said, the grungy elements of the 90's fashion really look great with modern lines. I love the textures of plaid, leather and silver hardware with the sheer flowy nature of the shirt and the grungy style boots and beanie.  

So this years immersion into the subculture's fashion and into mainstream has made my "stuck in the 90's" mentality even more relevant.  To top off being able to rock 90's gear with fresh albums coming out from some of my favorite 90's people.  A new Bush album is dropping and the new Foo Fighters album just dropped last week, now I'm anxiously awaiting for the release of tour dates. But to hold me over, I'll just bask in the revamping of the 90s in my wardrobe. 

that boozy, bluesy rock and roll

It may take a little bit before a show tops this one, and by a little bit, I mean next show I attend. I just love the feeling of being in the crowd below the stage, feeling the energy and what music is all about. So needless to say, it was to be a great night. Not only did I score very limited general admission front section tickets to the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant - but I got to enjoy it with some of my best friends and my fiancé. I bought these tickets last spring and anticipated this show all summer.

DAILY OUTFIT | Princess & the Denim

Pretty, Pretty Princess

Opposites always attract, I really love the contrast of opposing style.  In this case I used the tulle style skirt, simply folded from this dress (here) and paired it with a studded chambray top.  Its a simple look with a that I could easily wear with flat boots to dress it down a touch. The really girlie, ultrafem style skirt and grunge style denim is a great balance. I also, love the idea of reinventing a dress into a skirt for extra versatility.  It really worked great with this particular piece and I can't wait to see what else I can do with it in the spring. 

If you like this chambray, you should check out Mavy Savvy and their unique collection.  This top was one of the great items I received!  Enter my contest (here) to receive discounts on their fab pieces.


If you know me,
you know I love food.

I love all kinds of food, I don't discriminate and will give anything a chance.  Although, I will admit to mostly loving super down-homestyle dishes.  I love rich flavors and slightly heavy meals, I should weigh 100 pounds more than I do.  My friends always tease me and say I could put gravy or alfredo sauce on anything and I'm known for sending all my friends into food comas.  

Although, this season brings about one great homestyle favorite in particular: the pureéd soup.  I could eat soup and bread for dinner every winter night. With that being said, I made an attempt at cooking one of my favorites. To my surprise, making butternut squash, apple and onion soup was so much easier than I imagined.  

So I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I did and check out my pureéd Potato Leek Soup too (here). 

LIFESTYLE | Two days of DIY Halloween Costumes

After Halloween ends, we are reminded immediately that there is another holiday quickly approaching.  But just stop it, don't care about christmas just yet.  My pumpkin is still being lit on my front porch ( see here ).  And I like to embrace the present, and presently it is still fall. 

For the entire month of October, I been watching horror films, begun the new seasons of Walking Dead and American Horror Story, carved pumpkins, drank Octoberfest beer, and felt the need to be festive.  Halloween isn't just for the kids.  

So this year, although I had to work friday and saturday -I still managed to do fun things after work each night and pull together two DIY costumes. 

LIFESTYLE | pumpkins, north forkin', nomming and fall fun

Hope everyone is enjoying all the festivities!

So I'm such a sucker for the holidays, I love it all.  I think I just genuinely enjoy being festive and for the cause, cheesy, I know.  If its fun, I'm for it!  Obviously I'm super into halloween!  The pumpkin carving, the horror movies, the pumpkin beer and of course the costuming making! I have two costumes this year, but I did not go all out like I often tend to.  

Tonight, unfortunately I'm working all night.  Though I still get to dress up and its a 1930's Art Deco Theater that is doing Rocky Horror Picture Show, so it will still be a good night!  I'm dressing as a ghostly 30's Movie Starlet and then hopefully going out when I get off of work -wish me luck!  

Tomorrow, however will be my real halloween because I only have to work until 6.  Then its off to a friend's party!  This year I let my fiance choose the theme, which is rare. hahaha.  I usually pick something that we both love.  Though the Show Archer is more of his favorite than mine.  So this year he will be Sterling Archer and I will be Lana Kane.  Get ready for photos of all this!

What are you guys up to this year? Good mischief, I hope!    

LIFESTYLE | coordinated wedding attire

What's not to love about a great wedding?
Nothing unless you hate celebrating love with free alcohol and food, while looking extra fly.

A fews weeks prior Aaron and I attended his cousin's wedding.  Kathleen and Kelly are a great pair and their wedding was lovely.  Aaron's family weddings are always a ball, they have a rather large family -his father is one of 13 children. Large family is an understatement I suppose.  

Growing up with a rather small family with practically no family outside of the immediate relatives, I realize how much I really love the closeness and sense of community and, well simply: warmth that exudes from great, big families.  

So in all the fun that comes with being a part of someone's big day, I will admit to also really getting excited to plan a super fresh ensemble for Aaron and I each time (see here and here).

As per usual, I could not find a dress that struck my fancy and I searched all over the Roosevelt Malls multiple floors, then when I was about to call it quits; I found this little gem.  I knew it was perfect, so I called Aaron and asked him how he felt about wearing a leather tie.

FASHION | Mavy Savvy Review & Reader Giveaway

Introducing a Unique Online Fashion Boutique

& Enter to Win 30% off all purchases for a Month!

Every girl wants to make a statement with what she is wearing, its who she is.  Although, no one wants someone to be making that same exact statement. The fabulous fashion finds at Mavy Savvy make this all a little easier -they only order a few pieces per item to ensure a more unique find.  So not only are the pieces different and unique, but they are limited to guarantee that there won't be women all over with your street style. 

I've bought a few pieces and each is stylish and fit well.  They have great customer service and are super accommodating.  Its refreshing to enjoy buying from a smaller based company with unique pieces and friendly people on the other end. 

So with that being said I would like to give you all a chance to be a BFF with Mavy just like me and receive 30% off all purchases for a whole month, it makes all their great items a total steal! So don't forget to get as many entries as you can and then keep a look out for my outfit posts using some of their pieces!

DAILY OUTFIT | not your average button down & blazer

Casual Cool twist on a Classic

A button-down, a blazer, and blue jeans is always a classic goto -so this time I added a graphic t-shirt and a great pair of Stuart Weitzman heels. Just a pumped up way to make a classic look a bit more cool.  

With the cooler weather finally setting in, yeah we got a bit spoiled with that indian summer, its time for light coats and sweet blazers.  I'm pretty excited for the coming holidays already!  My only question is, where does the time go?

BEAUTY | Redken Color Rebel Hair Color

 Hair Mascara meets Temporary Hair Dye-
And its amazing. 

Some days I feel like rocking out with wild colored hair and my best air guitar, while other days I'd like to be a little more chic with classic red lips and a martini. The solution to all your fickle hair color wants is here. So when I got the opportunity to sample this fantastic new Redken product, that lets me do something bold to my hair without commitment, I knew it was a perfect product for me. This sponsored post was powered by Brandbacker.

Redken and the latest technology have come together creating an easy to use hair color that deposits a very fine colored microcoating on the surface of hair.  The color is buildable and layerable for different effects and has pearlescent pigments that create multi-dimensional iridescent look. The product uses a water-based ink that flows easily and resistant against water, brushing, blow-drying, flat-ironing and curling.  

My sweet red ombre that was done by yours truly was supposed to only last 2 washes/days, but instead lasted about a week before it began looking extremely washed out and pink. The color coating is a clay like texture that coats to each individual strand of hair. I will say that overall I love the product, but it is not meant to be touched a lot and will rub off a little on your hands and clothing, but it does wash out.  The only other negative thing is it did make my hair a touch more dry and tangled.  This I'm sure because you don't get a vividly temporary color without drawbacks.         


Modern Mexican
( 212 ) 277 - 4300

After a full day adventure around Manhattan,  fine mexican is a great pick.  Traditional flavors kicked up with a new american twist and of course a great tequila and of course a craft margarita menu help to bump it up! Dos Caminos has a few locations and a ton of sister restaurants and I can certainly see why.  Each dish and cocktail was perfectly done. 

The whole vibe was really great, as was the service.  I would definitely recommend this spot.  The drinks and food was fab, and apparently they are known for fab special salsas and fresh guacamole.   Apparently we missed out in not getting any, but all the appetizers we did enjoy were simply amazing. And most importantly, get the dessert!  

Dear Lover

Dear Lover,
I can't believe it's come to this..

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mike Ness is a punk-rock god.  The front man of Social Distortion is still a great show to see live after over 36 years of pouring his soul into his rockabilly, punk rock songs.  Social Distortion became a band in 1978 and they still got it. 

We saw them at the Paramount, one of my favorite venues here on Long Island.  We also took a little time in the Founder's Room, which is an amazing speakeasy style bar and lounge under the venue.  It is super exclusive, has two bars and a variety of hidden rooms where you can just privately lounge with your whole crew. The place is truly amazing and a great way to enjoy before and after an amazing show.

LIFESTYLE | San Gennaro & City Adventures

An All Day Eating Affair
Lets get fat, fat sounds fun. 

I was so excited to finally go to San Gennaro this year, since I miss it every year.  Though, I must admit I was a touch disappointed.  Though there was a variety of delicious cannolis, sausage and peppers, stuffed artichokes, gelato, lots of meatballs and italian specialties.  It was also overrun with pina coladas, cronuts, fried pickles and asian and indian booths.  As much as I enjoy all of those things, it was not quite what I was looking for. So the feast of San Gennaro was kind of a let down.  

So after a day of eating, I came to the conclusion that I make better meatballs than the ones I had eaten on this day. So next year, I want to go to Ferragosto on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, also known as the new Little Italy.  That is where my favorite Italian deli is after all. Ferragosto is a tradition that recognizes the end of harvest and to signify enjoying the fruits of this harvest amongst family and friends.

So after I gave up searching for great Italian food and decided to just enjoy adventuring for the day and instead enjoy an amazing Mexican dinner at Dos Caminos.  The day all in all was amazing after all!        

NOMS | Almond & Pecan Crusted Chicken overtop Pumpkin Ravioli

Ohhhkay, I caved.
Pumpkin Spice Bandwagon -Let me make you awesome.

Pumpkin spice and ugg boots is not what makes fall special to me.  I don't particularly love the overload of commercialized fake pumpkin everything. I love the smell of the first crisp breezy day, I love riding around with the windows down and the sun shining through the changing leaves, I love a good hot toddy, structured coats, sultry perfumes, fireplaces, Halloween and Thanksgiving! Those are my favorite fall things.  But don't get it twisted. I still love pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer, pumpkin raviolis, and yes even a good pumpkin latte sometimes.  Though pumpkin spice is not my everything. 

I don't always love pumpkin everything, but when I do - it's freakin' awesome. When I walked into La Parmigiana out here in Southampton, and then spotted these gems -I knew in that moment what I'd be cooking.  La Parm has been a Hampton's staple since the 70's, known for their family owned and cooked Italian food. They also have a classic Italian bakery and deli attached. I spotted their specialty raviolis and knew it was going to be great! So I created this amazing fall comfort dish. I hope you enjoy it!

DAILY OUTFIT | slinky day dress

It's time to say goodbye to my weft wedges,
and hello peep toe booties. 

Finally packing in the last of summer, literally.  I've posted the last of my summer looks and I've begun to pack away my summer wardrobe.  So and now I need to retire my favorite MK clutch, which I am guilty of using way too much this past season- then pack away all my weft wedges, and my white skirts and dresses. Its over, for now.

After I pack away the last of my summer pieces, I'm on the hunt.  I need an essential, new pair of black booties.  So I've gone on the hunt for the perfect peep toe black wedge booties.  Wish me luck. 

Seriously how cute will this dress be with wedge booties!

ART | the artist's critique

My man, Jack -
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

As an artist, almost everything is never finished.  There is always something else to be tweaked, or to make better, and even sometimes do a completely different way.  Most days, you want to do better.  Though, every so often a creation comes along that makes you say: whoa -whoa. I don't hate it.  Now, of course it is never perfect. But from time and again you will be able to admit, thats pretty damn awesome. This is that piece for me. 

To date this is probably one of my favorite drawings yet.  I love the older faces of hollywood.  I also felt I primarily draw overly pretty people, so I wanted a face that had texture and unique character. Yet, I still managed to make him overly pretty. I chose a very young Jack Nicholson from an iconic still from the movie One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. 

DAILY OUTFIT | a leather skort with attitude

It's all about your attitude.

Now, this goes both ways.  Swaggering across the street with the wind in your hair, sashay in your hips and attitude on your pout,  is not only on a slow-mo entrance scene in a movie, but it can be in your reality, it's a mind set. It is more than mere confidence, but it is a general vibe of positivity. When you're feeling good, you exude this.  Boom, insta-sashay.  

Then all of a sudden, like this new found magnetic draw it seems -things are actually all working out. The more you not only walk with this confident attitude, but you believe it.  You have to always buy what you're selling.  So, I'm staying positive because a whole new part of my life is beginning.  As a newly engaged woman, going on her first pre-portfolio review at FIT in two week, who is moving into the city in about four months -I have a lot to be positive.  I'm keeping up that good kind of attitude.  

Hey, some days you've gotta fake it till you make it. 

LIFESTYLE | a 3-day fairytale romantic getaway

All you need is love,

A day that I will always remember with a smile, a story that will always be retold, the start down a whole new path.  SO, a month ago today I got engaged.  It was perfectly us and traditionally beautiful. We headed up to the Garrison/Cold Spring area along the Hudson in Upstate New York like we do every year for our anniversary weekend for the annual Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.  It has become a special place for us, it is the place that flourished our relationship and then became a tradition.  
Last year I told you all how it all started while sharing our intimate story and showed you our romantic getaway here, the year before I simply showed you our trip here, and now I will show you this year's adventures and when I finally said yes, after a plethora of "Oh My God"s.

Its so crazy because he had me fooled, oh so good.  I knew it was coming -this was our sixth summer spent basking in the sunshine and snuggled tight on breezy summer nights.  I was the anti-marriage girl, "all we need is love", I would say.  Though Aaron always says he always knew he would marry me, I merely always knew we'd be together forever.  He managed to convince me he couldn't find a diamond, but that he was planning for the fall. 

Then when I decided to take some photos of the Hudson he asked a lovely couple to video me and then proceeded to get down on one knee.  He then sat patiently with the box open as I walked back up nonchalantly taking in my surroundings, completely oblivious to what was in front of me.  I plopped right down on the picnic blanket and then I looked up. "Oh My God." It seemed to be all I could utter when, for once in my life: I was speechless.  Like anyone ever had any doubt, I said yes.  So here I hope you enjoy a look into our special weekend and my engagement video is posted below!         

NOMS | the last brunch @ the Riverhead Project

Good Bye -
to one of my Favorite Brunch Spots.

The Riverhead Project was a surprising find for any foodie who found themselves on Main Street in Riverhead on Long Island. A modern vibe with a 1960's essence, it was upscale, trendy and unique.  They had great seasonal specials, amazing desserts and the absolute best cocktails!

Dennis McDermott the owner of the trendy restaurant that pioneered the revitalization of this main street officially announced that it's doors would be closed forever a few days ago.  To read the full scoop on the story, check here.  

I'm sad to see the spot go, but this just means there will be a new proprietor and a new spot to try out soon enough.  So lets take a moment to reflect on how good the food was.  And that HA HA FRESH was pretty much one of my favorite brunch cocktails.       

Food & Fashion | Great Minds Think Alike

That moment your best friend is wearing the same thing as you,
is just a day that ends in 'y'.

This seems to always happen to us, we get ready to go somewhere and then we realize we are wearing the same exact colors. We've grown to just roll with it.  Its ridiculous and people probably think we are nuts, but we don't care. We are just always that spot on and we always photograph so well together.

On this particular evening we were heading out for a some cocktails and appetizers at Cowfish in Hampton Bays.  It has a nice view and is great for a little casual week night.  I ate and drank the same staples I always get : A homewrecker on the rocks, a maui-wowi roll, the cowboy roll and their amazing stuffed mushrooms.   

Just a little something for the summer, still not breaking out the boots.  I love you fall fashion, but I'm not ready yet. That is all.

LIFESTYLE | sun is shining, weather is sweet

Summer in September,
just in denial. 

So its September, but I'm still sort of in the summer daze.  I'm also still catching up the blog on my festivities from the past few months.  We're almost there, rehashing all my summer fun, though I've yet to announce the most significant surprise of my summer and my life.  The best man I've ever known asked me to marry him. It's exhilarating, amazing, terrifying, exciting, and beautiful all at the same time - it was so big, It almost wasn't real yet.  

So here is something from a week and a half ago when frolicked in the the sunflowers and drank a bottle of blanc de blanc, nothing like a little bubbly to celebrate! At the end of the month I will be posting our 3 day getaway-we got engagement post with a my video!  I'm excited to share it all with you guys!

DAILY OUTFIT | dressed-up lounge pants

Playing Catch-Up, 
I have so much to show you!

Hello My Lovies, it's been a long summer -though it feels as though it was just winter.  Needless to say as time continues to accelerate in pace, we all keep accumulating more things to eat away the time. So between three jobs, summer session and now fall session, this blog, trying to maintain a social life, and entrance into a whole new tier in my relationship with Aaron.  All I can say is: stay tuned for our latest adventure, I have so much to share with you all from my summer.   
Nobody ever said it was easy, because it isn't.  Living and breathing a fulfilling and beautiful life is full of challenges.   That's why only a small pool of people actually get there, most find it easier to settle, or find a grand enough distraction along the way. Few actually hold the momentum they let out of the gate with.  For me I feel I've kept a slow a steady pace since the start and I'm picking it up a bit now.  This summer was filled to the brim and fall into winter doesn't seem to be changing pace.  

So lets talk about the lounge pant, they are fantastic.  Although that relies on one key factor, they have to fit.  The pants need to be loose and slouchy in certain areas, yet fitted and tight along the hip.  I like to mix and match dressy-casual with lounge pants and they look great with a wedge. This look was for spring/summer  dinner, but for fall I want to try to blend some darker shades with structured wedges.    

LIFESTYLE | southfork princess for a day

A day with my loves, feeding small woodland creatures, eating lobster -
Just One Lovely Sunday.

There is really no other way to say it than, life has been beautiful.  Some days I really do feel like Snow White waking up to little blue birds that pull back the covers, others are  back to the real reality.  I prefer the former, lets go with that.  Its best to illuminate these days, take it all in, and enjoy it.  

One Sunday, Aaron, Erin - her boyfriend Eima and I had the perfect Sunday. We got gourmet sandwiches fresh from Jimmy Jim's organic Deli in Sag Harbor and headed to the Elizabeth Morton National Wildlife Refuge to enjoy our lunch.    

We fed the birds and I became friends with the chipmunks.  Its an east end Long Island thing that everyone needs to do at least once.  It is magical enough to make even the manliest man feel like a disney-freakin-princess. 

From there we walked the main street of Sag Harbor and simply just to walk.  Checked out the art, took some goofy photos and then headed to dinner. Seriously, one of the best lobster dinners I have ever eaten.  

The Bell and Anchor had a special with a broiled lobster that had been pulled completely from the body, tossed with a shallot, wine, butter, cream and gruyere cheese sauce that had been lightly baked and then served with baby potatoes and fresh haricot vert after a course of oysters, ribs, salmon and tuna tartar, martinis, and champagne. 

Literally, the perfect sunday.    

DAILY OUTFIT | neon sunshine

Bright Chevron and Denim -
Last Warm Summer Day.

Yeah, I know.  It's September, but I don't care.  The air is still warm and the sun is still strong. On that note I still plan to wear neon, sandals and sun-kissed skin.  I don't really care about "the rules", just what works. 

So here's to the amazing summer that I've had and to wearing sundresses like this.  It is time to start transitioning that closet.  I like to pull some items a few weeks after summer had ended and then again once winter has begun to blow in and put them away until next season.  

ART | art hampton in southampton

Amazing Art, 
From Galleries all Around the World

Now there are only a few things I love as much as fashion, fine food, craft beverages, and vintage —but then there's art, yes, art most definitely takes the cake. Art is all of those things in every way possible, it is really less about the medium used and more about one's perception. An artist is merely a soul that can look at a blank canvas or an array of chaos and be able to not only visualize the beauty of the finished product, but make it happen. I believe I am an artist, simply a maker of beautiful things and I truly enjoy the perceptions of others.  Check out some of the most incredible new art.

Every year I try to make it to Art Hampton and this year I finally made it. I was honestly quite captivated by collections that were carefully curated for this event right here in Southampton, New York. 

LIFESTYLE | 2014 Grown-Up Prom

Big Kid Prom Photos
A Reason to get dressed up and be permitted to drink on the premise. 

I actually never attended my junior or senior proms. I did, however, attend a prom from my school with all my best friends. It just wasn't my prom, not theirs either. That was my only prom and though I'm happy I did get to attend one, it still wasn't my own prom.  I guess at 16 I really did know nothing. Should have gone to my own senior prom.

When a friend decided to throw a Prom Party at her beautiful home, how could we not be thrilled to rise to the occasion! So Aaron and I coordinated out formal attire and then we all took Prom photos, of course. 

FASHION | preview of the Vince. Spring 2015 line

Urban Safari Motif

So excited, I got to preview the Spring line for 2015! With Fashion week in NYC kicking off tomorrow, I thought this would be a great time to post a preview of Spring with the rest of the fashion world.  Typically, Vince is known for classic shapes with edgy details - this line stayed true.  I have always loved their play of fab casual classic pieces that know how to keep it fresh.  A variety of classic chunky knits, chic lines, simple slacks and then a pop of statement with their amazing blazers, and structured coats and the fantastic SHOES!  

Their shoe line was amazing.  I loved so many of them.  They kept true to their usual mantra, staying clean and not over embellished, but polished, chic, and with great color and detail to keep it fresh. I'm such a sucker for peep-toe booties and great transitional footwear and, well, ladies - we have a winner. 

The upcoming Vince line is not to be missed. Vince is staying true to fun, clean lined basics with nautical stripes, bold patterns and the perfect balance of looking fashionable, while staying comfortable. 

LIFESTYLE | NOFO craft beer bbq & wine festival

Christmas Morning for Beer Enthusiasts everywhere. 
The Annual NOFO Beer Fest

Every year this magical day seems to always gleam with sunshine, more beers than one could possibly consume in a day and a chance to meet some great people. 

The event has everything from down-homestyle BBQ, hand-rolled cigars, fresh beef jerky, beer paraphernalia, drunken bear hugs and of course great beer. The event is orchestrated by Starfish Junction's team and this year was hosted at Peconic Bay Vineyards in Cutchogue, New York. 

It's a great event, I try to never miss it. Though this year was special because I got to interview a few different brew families to get the latest pour. 

LIFESTYLE | City Frolicking and the Latest Shopping Haul

Manhattan Adventuring with the Best Friend, 
And Updating the Wardrobe.

Soon enough, Erin and I won't have to travel an hour to walk these streets. We will finally be moving from the Hampton countryside to the concrete jungle of lights and dreams.  Until then I will get my fix through frolicking through the Village, Gramercy and then through Park.  Along the way we stopped at a few Vintage shops, H&M, Zara, and the Gramercy Project. We gallivanted and found ourselves feeling quite at home and after dinner when we felt as if we should hit the C train home to Brooklyn, but instead we head to Penn Station to head back to the island.  

So check out some random captures from the day, what I wore to adventure the city and most importantly what I purchased on my shopping haul.  These purchases are quite possibly one of the reasons I am actually excited for summer to end. One of the few: fall fashion. 

BEAUTY | beach bum

My Beach Bag Essentials
Basking in the last rays of the season in Westhampton Beach.

As the summer is, dare I say it: nearing the end - we all want to get our last doses of vitamin-d and to soak up all the sun we can before the seasons change.  Now, don't get me wrong, I never complain about the nights getting colder or the colder seasons.  I love them all, but that does not mean it is ever any easier saying good-bye to that sun-kissed skin and the warm ocean breeze each year. 

So with that being said I want to share my summer beauty basic essentials with a few photos at one of my favorite beaches, Cupsogue in Westhampton Beach. I wish I got there more this summer, but it has been one of my busiest summers yet.  I guess I'm a big girl now. ;)  

DAILY OUTFIT | new yorker in the country

Pennsylvania meadows, mountains, and farms -oh my.
a short and sweet family visit.

All of my immediate family lives in another state than I do, I couldn't see myself leaving New York permanently, really ever.  Its tough having the people you grew up with live so far.  Though I've come to the realization that it too is part of growing older.  Your family will always be there, but you will also make and create new families -and that's okay. 
They will still always be there, even if it is different, and more importantly the moments of childhood will forever remain encapsulated in time.  

So besides spending quality time with each part of my family, I enjoyed a day out with Aaron, walked around the Market Streets (what they call their main streets) and found a blush wine with my name.     

Food & Fashion | Date Night at ParaBell Food Bar

The dawn of pre-dinner cocktails and the end of pregaming a night out-
Just a Quiet Night.

Oh, you know just cocktails at the bar before dinner, the three courses of dinner -with wine, and then happily heading home to hang around the house with a movie, more wine, and there may also be a pint of Steve's or Ben and Jerry's ice cream involved. 

It is the realization that your early and mid-twenties are over. Is this where we say goodbye to the red cups? Or do we just seem to gradually whip out the beer pong, flip cup tables, and the assemblance of midnight tequila shots -simply less often. I think I prefer the latter.  You are only as old as you feel. So please, do us all a favor: remember to grow up, but don't ever forget that moment you hit the last cup in beer pong on a gentleman's shot that one night All those young moments when your heart was light and you felt in a moment that you are infinite.  
So Perabell, it's a cute little spot on Main Street in Patchogue.  I must say this little food bar is becoming one of my favorite low key dinner spots. They always have great seasonal food and drink specials and you can't beat the price point. They usually have great beers on tap and they change them often. Check out their menu here.

LIFESTYLE | I've been a bad, bad blogger.

Throwback Thursday 
Throwing it back to a few months ago.

So I know I've been super behind with a few my posts and this post should set things straight.  I went to see the Uncluded with Aesop Rock at Carnegie Hall, I went to Martier in Midtown for the afternoon and finally got to see Atmosphere at the Highline Ballroom, and then I never posted them!  These three posts in particular are from quite a bit ago, so I back posted them a bit closer to when I should have.

So here: Happy Throwback Thursday.  Check out what I've been up to and what I wore.

LIFESTYE | New Hair, Thought I'd Share

Do Redheads and Blondes really have more Fun?
Cue the Slow Motion Hair Tousling. 

That slow motion, movie moment after you get your hair done.  You know the one, you walk outside, the sun glistening on your shiny locks.  You slowly do the 'hair flip' and realize your hair has never felt this soft.  Like Ever. And now your day may carry on.

So, I'm sure some of you guys have seen this face on my blog before, but for those who don't know. This is Erin -she is my best friend, sister, roommate, partner in crime and now she will be my blogging and media assistant. Stay tuned for her 'about' blurb on the blog and more Erin.  

So this lovely lady and I have been discussing a good dye job for a while and we finally did it!  I've been telling her that she would look amazing as a redhead, it took almost two years of convincing and she finally did it!  I however have been debating going blonde-ish, a sort of natural blonde- well as natural as an Asian girl can look as a blonde.

MUSIC | Atmosphere's Southsider's Album Release Party

See, I'm not insane, in fact I'm kind of rational
When I be askin', "Yo, where did all the passion go?"

I FINALLY got to see Atmosphereeee! I saw them at the Highline Ballroom for their Southsider's Album release party. If you have never heard of Atmosphere and you like indie hip-hop fueled with awesome lyrical poetry, surprising beats and flavors -well, you've got your homework. I've always wanted to see Slug and ANT and it was no surprise at all, the expectations were vastly exceeded, they played a freekin' 5 or 6 song long encore.  I think we know they do it for the music and the love. There really are no words to describe what a fantastic show it was, but there are a bunch of videos below.  See for yourself.  

I also went back and shot my look from that evening, I kept it comfy casual that night.  Something I could be in from day to night, walking around in the city. A skirt, a t-shirt, and flat sandals is one of my favorite go-to's. See what I wore, check out my shots, and watch videos of a few tracks. 

DAILY OUTFIT | Skipping Stones

Skip along your own path,
but don't take the shortcut.

Now, its super easy to always take the shortcut or simply cut corners here and there.  Though, realize that it only cheats you.  I like something for nothing as much as the next person, though I realize it is highly improbable and when you get something for nothing, the something is usually a nothing in disguise. 

In other words -more work pays off, eventually.  I know you are all tired of hearing me give excuses for not blogging lately, though however true it may be.  I could have tried harder to keep it on point. You can always try harder, go bigger, or you can just go home.  For most the best things are always dreamed big, way too much work, and you forget what being home is.  Though the best payoffs, are always too much work.  I might as well get accustomed now. 

So, on that note this is the last time I will be mentioning the lateness of next chunk of my posts.  I'm just going to post them.  There is so much to catch up on from my spring and the start of my summer! So here is a sweet casual look, perfect to run around town quick, grab nice little lunch, or maybe just take a walk.  

LIFESTYLE | tap ny '14 - craft beer and fine food festival

A Little Rain won't stop this Parade.
All you can eat & All you can drink.
Tap NY- Hunter Mountain  

I will say that that the rain did cause me to most definitely take way less photos than I had planned. Though, I won't let that stop me from telling you about this fun event and the fact that I will most certainly be attending next year.  Though, as it has been crazy, I'm sad to say this post is about three months late. Better late than never and be on the look out for next year's adventure - as well as the up and coming North Fork Craft Beer Festival. 

Tap New York is one of New York's annual craft beer and fine food festival that takes place each year up on Hunter Mountain.  It goes on all weekend and its all you can drink and eat included in your ticket price.  Totally a steal for those of us on a budget, it you've got money to burn, don't worry there are tons of goodies to make you want to go broke.

Its scenic and there is a pleasantly overwhelming amount of beer to attempt to try, but be warned - its near impossible to taste them all. Do not let that tiny glass deceive you, you will be filled with regret and not remember a single beer.

 Besides all the amazing Long Ireland Beer, I did find a few other beers I fell in love with.  This year they were: