Be Bold to Beat the Cold

Happy Belated Easter!
It's officially spring, time for bright color and bare legs.

Easter, for the last couple years have been spent with my other family: my roommates.  We go to one of my roommate's parent's house and enjoy dinner Italian style- which is my favorite and hits quite close to home for me anyway. First, of course- is a glass of red wine and the best roasted red peppers with fresh bread and assorted cheeses, then the pasta course (this time was lasagna!), the next course involved baked chicken, grilled lamb and spinach and butternut squash, then a salad course, dessert, expresso and topped with limoncello. And Oh yes- I fit all that in my pencil skirt.  As you can see I get excited about great food, especially Italian and awesome company to enjoy it in. 

So when going to a friend's family's for dinner I always want to dress up, which I suppose isn't any different than any other day. But, regardless I like to keep it classy and still fun. 

Now I love pastels as much as the next girl, but I was feeling sort of over them.  I also feel on easter everyone sort of dresses in pale shades of girly colors- resulting in a room of easter eggs.  Break the mold a little- I decided this was my 1980's Miami take on an easter outfit and I loved it.   

F21:Neon Yellow Blazer // Philosophy:Button up (TJMAX) // H&M:Cobalt Pencil Skirt // 
Michael Kors:Patent White Bag // Jeffery Campbell:99-tie Gray Booties // 
Michael Kors:Silver Chronograph Watch // Small Bow Earrings (Target)     

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