Hot Thing

I love how we meltin' the ice- 
like the sunshine of my life
This was my birthday and despite it being St. Patrick's day- I decided it was my day and I would wear whatever I wanted.  I had just gotten this high-low skirt for my birthday and really wanted to wear it, even though it was more intended for spring.  I love mix-matching certain "seasonal" items and making them suitable for multiple times of the year.

Long Sleeve Black Tee (had since highschool); Mossimo: Flowy Black Vest; H&M: High-Low Skirt; H&M: Knitted Ribbed Tights; Candies: Studded Boots(from PoshMark); 
Charlotte Russe: Multi-Chain Necklace; Michael Kors: Studded Belt

The Amazing Beetroot and Ricotta Homemade Ravioli in a sage- brown butter sauce, 
that followed the fantastic Devils on Horse back 
which were bacon wrapped medjool dates with a spicy dijon mustard

The Sickest thing I could have ever done for $15. 
It was a great show, Aaron's first hip-hop concert and he loved it! 
We had a ball for my birthday. 
It was quite a different St. Paddy's- but who's typical around here anyway? ;D

Talib Kweli: Hot Thing

Talib Kweli: Get 'Em High

Talib Kweli: Bridge Part I (Nas, "Who's World is this?!")

Talib Kweli: Bridge II (Bizmarke, "You say he's just a friend")

Talib Kweli: "Get By"

Talib Kweli: I'm on One

Talib Kweli: Lonely People/Eleanor Rigby (Beatles Cover)

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