High-School Rock Time-Machine

What it is to Burn.
Rock-out like it 's the early 2000's. 

Back to my teenage angst filled days of rocking out and sneaking out. 
Music can just bring you back. All those feelings just come rushing home.


A few friends and I decided to resurrect these old memories of careless days
and enjoy an old favorite, FINCH at their "What it is to Burn" album's 10 year reunion tour at Irving Plaza in NYC.   

I kept it simple because I'd be rocking out a little and you never know how moshy the crowd will be, this crowd was pretty tame.  & YESHHH ! I got my hair done yesterday too. Hello ombre. 

Mossimo Dress
Converse asymmetrical military structured sweatshirt 
Black tights
Candies studded military boot
F21 tiered silver necklace

Finch: Postscript

Finch: Without you Here

Finch: Ender

Finch: Stay with me

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