The Warm Weather Itch .

Once Upon a time, I wished for this... (see above.)

Okay, so it's about that time people.
It is time for a mother-flippin' getaway!

If you have yet to book this years getaway, it's the time of year to do itttt! 
Why be knee-deep in snow, when you could be surrounded by turquoise water and room service. 

Last year I adventured to Cabo with my boyfriend and two good friends, and this year I was thinking possibly Nueva Vallarta, Mexico or perhaps Sao Paulo, Brazil. :D 
Unfortunately, I won't be escaping the New York cold for spring break this year, but hopefully will be booking for late spring!  
As I've been getting older I've decided one big getaway vaycay is pretty much a necessity to one's own sanity and therefore benefits the well-being of one's loved ones. 

Now- when vacation time rolls around, I think we can all agree the point is to not worry about anythinggg; "j u s t  b e  h a p p y".   
So why be bothered worrying about creating  fab getaway gear, do yourself a favor: save your money for fun; and you can never have enough poolside beverages.  
I'm only going to sample a few basic looks from my trip here, but as you'll notice I used the same pair of wedges for going out for dinner and drinks. 
Try to make outfits using the same 2 to 4, pairs of shoes, although I'm one to talk about over-packing (ha!), but packing light is crucial to avoid those heavy luggage charges and maximizing fiscally responsible, fabulous looks.
Now as I stated in my preface, some items can just not be faked
(Therefore...With the exception of the SW wedges, MK Bag, and 2 pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses*)
 Almost all the outfits are $45 and under, also all these looks can be created with or without the above mentioned pieces.         


Just arrived; In desperation of dinner noms:
 Jet-lagged like a Motherrrr..
Super Comfy attire is a necessity,
a well-fitted look was ensued. 

Mossimo Orange & Turquoise Sundress: $24
Can't beat target's summer dress selection at this price point, 
every year they put out a few great patterns
with great fits & this particular one is a ridiculously soft material. 

paired with -
70's B&L Vintage Ray Bans $230*
Bundle of Tiny Turquoise Beaded Necklaces $7
Xhilaration Gold Braided Sandals: $14

*( any gold frame aviator-like frame would work.)

aaron & i 
( and the matching was unintentional.. this time. )

"my 70's movie starRRR glasses"

erin & i enjoying our first dinner in Cabo
(the e-muff, e-rizzle: thas my betch) 

( the view off the roof top lounge outside the bar. )

( the main lobby. )


Bikini clad days and Casual/Cute nights.
You can never have too many wedges.
The perfect thing to make a causal outfit a little more chic.
Wedges with a Casual dress or skirt will
last through walking around town
 in the late afternoon, into wine and tapas,
through dinner and more drinks.
& you'll look awesome without trying too hard.  

H&M Ivory Sleeveless Blouse: $14

paired with-

Neon Yellow Bandeau top: $6
H&M Hot Pink Layered Chiffon Skirt: $24

The Bedford Large Bowling Bag, MICHAEL KORS $398*
Periwinkle Wayfarers, Ray Ban $180*

*(any neutral/nude colored messenger and wedges with a blue/violet toned wayfarer and you could work it. )

erin & i

aaron & i

( all the roomies, minus kevin!)


Again, following the same protocol as "Look Two,"
A casual dress and wedges for a low key night out; 
Dinner, drinks, a stroll around town. 

Xhilaration Neon & Khaki Chevron-Striped Dress: $18
Skinny Patent Leather Khaki Belt: $12

paired with-

The Bedford Large Bowling Bag, MICHAEL KORS $398*

  e-rizz, me,  & the gi-raffeeee 

( 'ze whole gang. ) 

 aaron & i 

( horse-back riding on the beach. )

 ( swimming with dolphins! )


Finally going to partyyyyyy-
on the Cabo San Lucas strip!
Need a comfy, night-time outfit with flats that is up for dancing, drinking, 
trooping, and a mucho loco rendezvous!
And indeed it was, indeed it was.  

H&M Fringe Off-the-Shoulder White Lace Top: $18
Hot Pink Bandeau Top: $4
H&M Stretchy Blue Patterned Skirt: $12

paired with- 
my favorite Mossimo Cognac Sandals: $24
Brass Tassel necklace: $12 

( oh, baby. )

( me hamming it up. )

e-muff & i 


With Love from Cabo,

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