Reheated Reinventions

Last Night's Steak, Couscous & Asparagus Burrito

     Nobody does leftovers quite like us.  Last night’s marinated steak, curry couscous and asparagus can become a truly incredible leftover reinvention.  Traditional burritos are classic, but a fun twist on a Mexican classic is the perfect fusion of tastes and an inventive way to get use out of leftovers.  

Instead of Spanish rice, try different couscous or quinoa and then instead of black beans and the carne, the possibilities are endless, use whatever veggies, meats, beans or cheeses you have. Steak and asparagus, chicken and broccoli, bacon and avocado, really anything. 
    Then add a salad and you just cleaned out your leftovers and made a fantastic new meal. Salad pictured is arugula and spinach with fresh berries, feta and topped with sliced almonds.   

(Per One Burrito)
  • flat-out wrap
  • garlic sauteed asparagus
  • left-over marinated steak
  • yellow curry couscous
  • sliced cherry or grape tomato
  • shredded cheese ( whatever you got)

Do itttt:
(The Procedure)

Reheat the couscous and asparagus, but not the steak.  I personally hate over-done steak and like to keep it no more than a medium cook.  Layer cheese, couscous, steak, asparagus and tomatos in the center of the wrap, fold in the sides and roll it up, and ENJOY! 

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