Everclear, FOREVER Young, Ever After.

Always been such a 90’s kid at heart, so when a girlfriend invited me to go to this year’s Summerland tour, I was ecstatic! The show was like a time warp to my more formidable years, with Marcy Playground, Lit, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms and Everclear headlining- it was great!  Another random evening adventure.  The concert was at the Paramount in Huntington, Long Island, NY-, which is a great venue! I love giving the local support for live music and new venues.

The day of the show I was having one of those ridiculous  moments where you feel you have nothing to wear in a closet full of stuff. There just may have been 8 different wardrobe switches.  I finally settled and combined two tops a belt and used 3 small safety pins to secure the way the sleeves would would lay and fall. 

So I finally wore:
  1. Fringed Iridescent top; Delia's 
  2. White Linen Tube-top; Target
  3. Denim Frayed Short; Vintage circa my High-School years
  4. Cognac belt with Bass-studs; Vintage
  5. Soft Leather Ankle-Strapped Cognac Sandals; Mossimo
  6. Gold Watch; Michael Kors 

  After a fabulous dinner of tapas at NoBu, which is right across the street, we went right into the venue and then later were lucky enough to get into members only, exclusive lounge: The Founder’s Room underneath the venue.  
    Now this was a truly amazing bar with immense character. Historically, the structure was an old SpeakEasy known to original bad asses such as Al Capone.      
The bar had private themed rooms to lounge in or play games, as well as secret pocket rooms behind bookcases.  
    If all of this wasn’t exciting enough we see the guys from Lit and Gin Blossoms enter, we of course take a few photos and chat with the guys.  
    Then to my surprise I see Art Alexias, the lead singer from Everclear walk in.  I felt like part of my childhood was standing infront of me.  I seized the opportunity and told him so. That was it, we spent the rest of the evening hanging around the bar chatting with the whole band. The new drummer Sean was super cool as well!  Humble doesn’t begin to describe their mannerism; we’ll leave it at simply awesome!  Just a random tuesday that will definitely have tuesday topped for a while!    

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