Das Beer Festival

A time for us all to drink and be merry!

Every year Martha Clara Vineyard throws their 
North Fork Craft Beer, Wine and BBQ Festival and it is awesome! 
It's hundreds of brewers, BBQ noms, and sun out in the sun. 
Most importantly, don't let that little tasting glass fool you, it will get you! 

The attire is always so varied at these kinds of events.
You'll see people all decked out like they are going to hampton's club,
while others will be in t-shirts and new balance sneakers.
To say the least, I like to keep it effortlessly chic. 

The Look:

Mossimo Off-the-Shoulder bat-wing tee in coral: $22
Hurley Shorts in White $20

paired with-

A Go-To Neutral Sandal: 24
Jade Necklace from Mexico: $15

(aaron & i)

(love this brewery. great people. great beer. in my home town.)

(apparently it was lift the little one day.)

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